[PC][EU] Modded/PvP Sakamotos Den

Hello. My name is Nathaniel. Thank you for checking out this post.
The main reason to why i’m posting this is because i’m interested in knowing all kinds of people from all over the world, however, i like to mod my games. so i made my own server with the mods that interest me. All the mods i’m using can be found further down the post.

the server has no rules except for having common sense and… don’t be a dick.
I hope this server will bring some people together, like it did many years ago when i started to play video games online.

Server modifiers are as follows:
EXP x4
Crafting speed is at 0.1
Item decay is at 0.1
Thrall conversion is at 200 seconds

Connection information (Incase you don’t have the server on your list)
Getting the mods: Go to conan exiles workshop, Click on “browse”, select “collections” and search for “Sakamoto’s Den”, Should be the only one there right now. Activate them as listed.

Contact information:
Discord: Sakamoto#0051