[PC | EU & NA] RP-PvPvE Server 4Ghz+ CPU Hardcore 140 Level Cap 1.5x Exp, Longer Days, with Mod Support, Friendly Community and Dedicated Staff! Bonus for Next 10 members!

Server Name: Selcouth - Hardcore RP Server With Mods.
Discord - discord.gg/nKfyAjy

Server Type: Roleplay

Mod List:
Pippi - User & Server Management
LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
Level 140 - Unlock Everything (1.0 Compatible)
The Waning Crescent 1.3.5(RP Decor & Gameplay Improvement)

Are you on the hunt for a server with a bit more of a challenge? Come check out Selcouth, our Hardcore PVP roleplay server. Selcouth is host to a respectful but delightfully immature adult atmosphere in our discord. While the server is quite new, the admins are in the process of developing, through the application of mods, customized quests and riddles scattered through the exiled lands that can lead to great treasures or even greater dangers! Since we are such a new server the first ten members to join will receive a complementary boost to level 20!

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Current Mod List and Links, This is not static if players wanted to implement new mods we can and will if enough players agree.

1 - Pippi - User & Server Management - (MOD ID 880454836)
2 - The Waning Crescent 1.3.5(RP Decor & Gameplay Improvement) - (MOD ID 892964932 )
3 - Emberlight - (MOD ID 1369802940 )
4 - LitMan Thrall Placing Distance - (MOD ID 884168480 )
5 - Level 140 - Unlock Everything (1.0 Compatible) - (MOD ID 1368506289 )

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