[PC] [EU] New Server with some Mods - Beginner friendly - PVP [Düsseldorf] 70 Tick Rate, Wipe 17.05.2018 2x XP 2x Harvest 2x Respawn

Hi, we are a new Conan Server for everybody. At the moment we are 6/40 active players and we would love to increase our population. There ist still a lot of room to build as we all started new on 17.05.18. It is also a beginner friendly server because we all are new to the game.

Running Mods in Load Order:
Fashionist (1.0 Compatible)
Female Wheel of Pain (May 2018)
ARX_RecallSystem v1.1
Increased Breast Physics (2018)
IMMERSE RP & Building Decor

Mod Explanation:

Fashionist - able to show and hide armor parts and changing armor appearance
ARX_RecallSystem - Adds some kind of “Hearthstone” you can craft it as a building and teleport back to it
Female Wheel of Pain - replaces male thralls with female
Increased Breast Physics - self-explaining
IMMERSE RP & Building Decor - adds decorative items

Join us on this IP:

Hope to see more activity soon!

population Update 8/40

we are thinking about to disable Avatars and add an other mod that enables less building restrictions. If these two points are important to you for joining our Server, please let us know in the comments. Every idea that makes our Server more atractive for joining is welcome