PC [EU] No Remorse PvPvE Started 5/11/2019 max 300 lvl with Brackets

We’re excited to deliver the best Conan Exile server we can offer. The server is brand new and we have active admins and officers as well as a community of helpful players online everyday. We’re looking to invite you to our server and possibly our gaming community and we’re excited to meet every single one of you.

The server has a 300lvl cap (modded) as well as speedy lifts and a hard enemy difficulty with higher damage. The harvest time is currently x2 and the xp is also multiplied. We’re currently still testing the multipliers and we’re more than happy to receive suggestions and ideas from the players regarding the settings.

We also have a strict no cheater policy and we do perform regular rounds to ensure that no one is spamming structures or blocking important spawns. There is a report text channel on the discord and we strongly encourage anyone to report hackers, glitchers, toxic players, and rule breakers.

To join us please PM me for an invite either here or ideally on discord, username: voodoo3397#2006, Mello#3405, or Thieving Raccoon#5937

Currently our rules are up on the server and we’re also interested in holding events such as Colosseum style fights against player, npc, or creatures with a reward for those who win.

We welcome you to our server and hope to grow our server and community further with you