[PC] [EU] [Official PvP] We Are Recuiting!

Hi Fellow Exiles,

My clan are currently expanding to fill out gaps on our roster. We have been playing daily since release and are established PvP players (both raiding and fighting). We currently hold a great base and have more resources, thralls, weapons, gods, and explosives than 3 men can handle.

We need active, mature, and good-hearted people to join us who are not afraid of a fight. We aim to establish ourselves as the powerhouse of the server and create a server with fair and respectable PvP.

Drop me a message below if you’re interested and lets have a chat.

Hope to speak to you soon.

People don’t read minds.


Thanks for the oversight (updated).

On PC.

I’m interested, i’ve been playing every day since the wipe, on an official server aswell, we are with 3 but atm the servers economy is bad on ours. biggest bases can’t be raided, so its boring. If your interested let me know maybe the others could join aswell if you’d like, our raiding experience is a bit less, player against player hasn’t been a problem.

Hi Pyro,

Thanks for you interest. Add me on discord and we can have a chat!