[PC/EU]- pure friendly server,fast developer dream land

Hi you are all welcome to join in my server that is totally friendly with pvp on but we do not fight at all, pvp is just for fun to dual. No wipe but if you want it occationally we can. Harvest speed is high, and you dont need to worry about any thing at all, all set up for begginer or good player. Training thrall speed is also the maxium so you do not need time to wait. We are really welcome you guys and please enjoy in building and all pve content here. All value is very reasonable as I am a game designer so that I know what suit us best !

Server name:pure friendly server,fast developer dream land

You can join in by direct connect:
port: NO password

Yeah thanks mate really enjoy the server here and having fun. Wish could have more people join in! And here you could ask player how they like to adjust things. Me personally just wish we can see more player and making up a lovely community in here and the server!