[PC/EU/PvE-C] Come and Play with us

Servername: [EU] Des Bro’s beschde Bude & Friends

  • Type: PvE-C with more focus on PvE-Coop
  • PvP is activated from 16h to 22h
  • Customized Thralls & Companions settings. Damage output reduced by 50%.
  • 8 thralls/companions per clan plus another 8 for each additional player in the clan up to a maximum of 40 thralls/panions per clan
  • Purge Level 4, preparation 15 minutes and lasts 30 minutes.
  • Current slots: 10, Server Slots is increased flexibly based on the active players (Lv40+)
  • Building damage is permanently disabled, but may be that there will be a small weekday event where it is possible to attack player bases for a few hours. Due to the fact that building damage is normally disabled, it is also not possible for strangers/non-clan members to loot containers like chests, slave wheels, fireplaces etc.

A server that is intended for quiet players without worrying about being affected by theft or sudden player raids.

There are only 2 rules (current):

  • Do not block points of interest and recipes
  • Don’t ruin the fun of others
  • Automatic server restart at midnight.
  • Subsequent adjustment to server settings possible at any time.
  • Unmod Server

If you have further questions or concerns, you can post them here in this topic or contact me directly via Discord: ChriZz#7344 (Pay attention to upper and lower case!)

In this sense I hope for some new virtual faces! :slight_smile: