[PC][EU][PVE] Shenanigans 20 slot

Hello Exiles! Here is a new private server with a relaxed and mature atmosphere. Please see the details below!

Server Name The Riddle of Steel

Platform PC

Slots 20

Region EU (open to any)

1.7x harvest
Longer days and shorter nights.

Decreased active/idle thrist/hunger.

Slightly higher durability

Slightly slower item spoil rate

Slightly higher fuel burn time

Purge is enabled and not time restricted, 1 person (in clan) online to trigger.

Buildings do not decay

You drop items on death, and anyone can loot you

MODS Install in this order: Pippi, Fashionist, Emberlight


Discord: https://discord.gg/bYcgAXU Please come into Discord and say hello before you join.