[PC] [EU] [PvP] New 03.06 -3XP -2H noGods / noWipes Looking for new members

Hello there :slight_smile:

Our newly created beginner friendly server is looking for new members.

Some of our server settings:
EXP rate: 3
Harvest rate: 2
Crafting speed: 0.3
Max clan size: 5
Thrall conversion multiplier: 0.5
PVP building damage time: weekday 6pm-10pm; weekend 4pm-11pm
No Avatars allowed
No wipes

Our rules:

  • No insults or racist comments in chat
  • No cheating
  • Resource spawns and important paths are forbidden to build at
  • Please destroy structures you don’t need anymore for better server perfomance
  • Have fun :slight_smile:

Join us on this IP:

We are open for feedback and suggestions and would be very happy if you join us!

Have a nice day!