[PC][EU] PvP+PvE LOOKING FOR PLAYERS || Harvesting 3X || Experience 5X

Spearbundle server

Hi. I am a player from Belgium.
My main language is Dutch/Flemish, but my friends and I speak decent English as well.
We are looking for some more players and are a relaxed community.
I have been playing since alpha, even before the combat update, so I also have decent knowledge of how the game works and can help you out with any questions if need be.

I was personally looking for something less extreme than those x10 servers, but not as mind-numbing as those x1 servers. So I decided to start my own server.
I’ll roughly list the settings up here:

  • PVP is enabled, but restricted. (weekdays 17:00-23:59 and weekends: 10:00-23:59)
    This may change by request.
  • harvesting x3
  • experience x5
  • crafting time is 5 times faster
  • thrall conversion 10 times faster

As a sidenote: I am the admin of the server. This means that if you ever have issues only admin rights can solve, I can help when I’m online.
There will be no admin abuse. If you decide to go on a rampage against me by blowing up my buildings: you are allowed to - it’s the game. Me being an admin doesn’t change the fact that I’ll have to regrind everything and rebuild everything the way you would too.

There is also a discord server. You can add me on Steam (username: rhymewing) and I will send you an invite later.

I am looking forward for you to join. :smirk_cat:

Spearbundle server

it’s pure pvp, not pve if u can raid someone even if there is restricted time for that.