[PC][EU] Server #1038 PvE-C Down again

Server is down again and after everything froze my character lost all health and died, server went down after this, after many tries I was able to enter the server again and see that indeed my character was dead and after a brief talk in chat some other players had dead characters too, after this the server crashed again.
So my question is, are you guys going to roll back the server so players don´t lose their equipment? Or just simply ignore players again?

Heya all,

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They’re going to ignore players yet again. It’s clear that they don’t care about server stability, 1040 has had this issue multiple times per day for weeks. Not a single thing done about it. Unless you count the occasional server restart which may or may not fix the problem for a few hours.

But at least we get to buy DLC for stuff we won’t get to use on our broken servers.

#1040 is still having this issue. Every damn night. Its almost like clockwork now. Get to around 22-23:00 and the server locks up.

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