[PC EU/UK] *New* Fresh Tities PVE-C x3 High Uptime and Upkeep

Hello everyone,

So I’ve given the official severs a go, resulting in some very detestable gameplay with no active monitoring by anyone.
I then gave another private server a go, only resulting in the owner not updating it and disappearing thus everyone lost their characters and bases (several game functions such as Purge were also disabled which was terrible/multpiple instances of constant rubber-banding where server needed a restart and admin nowhere to be found).
For this I decided to make my own dedicated server, having experience with these matters, to provide a nice and hopefully more fluid experience for all of us. I’m gonna start the server fresh as of the day of this post.
Everyone is welcome! If you want to group up and slaughter bosses or if you want to slay people and create chaos in the afternoon.
I’ve made a discord where most people can jump on and create allegiances as well as for support I will be monitoring if any restarts need to be made(which should solve a lot of bugs that cause the game to break)
Discord link: https:// discord(dot)gg/ WNXNK4w

Note: There’s a problem with a recent update causing the server to not show up in the server list. Currently you can join via Direct Connect. (

May the odds be ever in your favour in the land full of Exiles!
Steam Profile: /profiles/76561198249348744/