[PC] Fingerfang - PvE Server Cluster

Fingerfang is a cluster of laid back PvE servers on Exiled Lands and Siptah, connected with the Amunets Server Transfer mod as well as connected global chat via Pippi Global Link so it feels like one big world combined.

The servers are located in South Western Canada (US EAST).

Gather rates 2.0x and XP rates 6.0x
Max Level 600 + 8 EEWA Ascensions
Building and thrall decay turned off

Discord: Fingerfang Gaming

Server Name: Fingerfang Exiled Lands

Server Name: Fingerfang Siptah

Server Mods:

Download collection here: Steam Workshop::Fingerfang Modlist

Download modlist.txt/load order here:
modlist.txt (1.7 KB)

We also have a standalone Savage Wilds server, with minimal mods (mostly QoL mods).

Server Name: Fingerfang Savage Wilds - Vanilla+

Modlist/load order:
modlist.txt (1002 Bytes)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Master Tracker Modo & Lady Aevellyn

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A few friends and I looked for months for a server that we could call home. It looked like we wouldn’t ever find it until we stumbled across FireFang. The server admins are friendly and helpful and aren’t invisible, they actually care and chat with you. I’ve had a blast on the server and hope to continue for a long time to come. Please, if you like the slower pace of 1x exp, and want to make meaningful friendships on the server you play, come join us!

PS. If you see a group of adventurers who seem to die in the most bizarre ways, that’s the ‘Misadventurers’. For some reason that’s just how the game is for us, we don’t try to die, but when we do it usually is hilarious. Like the time I got pushed off a cliff to my death by a rogue deer at night.

– Grog, Kelinar’s #2 favorite fan.

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Thanks for the post, Grog! Glad you all are enjoying the server!

All servers are back online. If you’re looking for some PvE servers, come on over!

Started a (mostly) vanilla Savage Wilds server. Info in top post.