PC - Glitching to Build into closed Game-Buildings

Hey guys, we got a little big problem.
We are on officla server 1121 and there i a clan that did build inside of a closed building.
we tested it on the single player mode and went in there to check and there is no entrance.
They have to use some sort of glitch tho they even admit it. We asked them how but they wouldnt answer.

There is no way to raid it, there is no way to get in, no way to destroy the base because we cant get inside and there is enough space for portal rooms and vaults and stuff like that.

I would highly appreciate if you decide to care for official servers once in a while and help the people to get glitcher and bug abuser off of the server.

Thank you very much and if you wanna know where this base is, i don’t wanna make it public here.

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