[PC] Hotbar overlaps chat box

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private server
Problem: Misc

My monitor is 1900x1200 resolution. At that resolution, the hotbar slightly overlaps the chat box. It seems the interface doesn’t scale properly. Friends who have 1920x1080 monitors don’t have the issue. I changed resolution to 1920x1080 and it does prevent the chat box from being obscured but I don’t want to use a non native resolution.

I have tried fullscreen, windowed fullscreen and windowed with the same results. I am unable to upload an image to show an example. I uploaded an example to imgur but I can’t have links either… I just want to help, haha

Ideally we would be able to change the size of the interface elements but at the least the overlap should be fixed in 1920x1200 resolutions.

I have not tested any other resolutions.