PC Hotfix (02.10.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.5: General and glowing goops fixes!

Make a bug report post about it if it was intentional or not.

Still broken for me too. So it seems that the fix actually does not fix anything…Excelent.

I totally agree. They can change whatever they think will be best for the game, but at the very least these changes should be documented in the patch notes, like almost every other gaming company does.

Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and opened up a couple of topics on bugs I have observed recently. There is a lot of issues to list but I will try and be adamant about bringing my observations to the forums moving forward.


Okay so why did the Healing water skin get nerfed into Oblivion during this patch??? it now heals less then 10hp per use. its utterly useless now. I loved having something i can use in the heat of battle to keep me alive till i could spend the rediculous amount of time it takes to use potions and bandages, instead of having to run and hide to a safe place just so i can use a potion or bandage. You stated in an earlier discussion that the potions were adjusted so they can be used in battle till you have time to use a bandage. but it takes to long to use a potion in battle. every time i try to use one it gets interrupted when i get hit. Fix this.

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why are there always hidden changes when you make these hotfix?
its not like you write an essay of patch notes, should be pretty easy to write all changes made.

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Feel free to tack on your response to my dedicated forum post for this issue.

You forgot to mention something:

  • Broke the “Healing Waterskin” so it’s not healing anything anymore and doesn’t make fun at all

I have to say that the glowing affects in the drowned temples has not been fixed. Not only am I still blinded and cannot see where I am going but it gives me a headache. I do not see any improvement at all.


Calm down don’t panic, the glowing goop they are talking about had a missing opacity map, base color map and most likely normal map as well. I’ve seen it. So they most likely had to reupload with the mesh with texture maps all over again.

Start telling us the truth about your patches! My entire clan now quit because your continuing to undocument what your doing. You have now become the United States Government of Games. We understand things need to be nerfed but your making your reputation of not being trusted will ruin your business. These forums are for us to continue giving suggestions to make the games more desirable and attracting. But so far you’ve been nerfing all our toys. We are seeing drops in HP to Rhino pets and anything that’s too tanky/OP. Just please please list everything because that’s the POINT OF PATCH NOTES! Thanky ou


Surely, they did.

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They definitely should have included that in the patch notes. It’s a major balancing change and needs to be documented.

Having said that, anyone who was around when Lifeblood Spear was introduced – and subsequently nerfed – saw this coming. :confused:

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LOL waste of an update if this is why they pushed one out , but little did we know inside this hot fix is lots of nerfs, hidden with no patch notes but a few lines the rest hidden and secret. Seems they missed the mark on this fix. Really guys was this even tested. Looks like no change since when I checked it yesterday.

There are a few changes to recipes they did not put in change notes too, but what they did say was fixed is not lol.

Did you happen to use it when you were either Cold(or higher) or Hot(or higher)?

No, i used it in normal temperature, and multiple times. The healing is almost nothing.

To be honest, I’m starting to get a bit frustrated about the state of the patch notes. I totally understand that Funcom is a small company and that they have a lot of work to do, but how are we supposed to efficiently engage in the early access process and report bugs if we can’t tell from the patch notes whether or not a change was intended?


@Ignasi can you please at least test your hotfix?

Glowing Goops is not fixed, texture problem still there.

Solo player, PC below :

it’s early access, just saying. expect that everything can and will change. everything.

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