PC Hotfix (04.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.1: Balancing and fixes for the Economy patch!

Logged after, patch. Missing my T4 Thrall, Dalinsia + missed all my equip… And in map doesn`t show where is my grave. WTF ?

Thats great but almost everything i open up this happens so far :frowning:

And besides if the entire server is to go around picking up everything this happens with is kinda a joke…

Insulated wood is now present in precision carpenter, thanks.

It can be interresting if you send a link with full patch changes.

Singleplayer game: Garrison blacksmith now lacks BOTH iron and steel reinforcement recipe. But the t3 carpenter’s workbench (mats saving type) has insulated wood now.

I’m curious about this too.

Hugo, is the official Funcom response to this is delete your character and start over?

There has been no such official response. We’re aware of the issue and our team is working on adding the sliders back.


Does anyone know what these changes are? Do they give more attribute points now?

Ya right, tested it twice, used padding both times… FAILED.

How about fixing oil.
Fish die quickly, lose about 30 percent in traps(*that is best case scenerio).
Then the press loses another 10-15% percent (timer yet again).

My apologies if you are slowing changing the game into a fishing simulator…
Then excellent job, keep up the good work.


Put T4 armorer with the hammer icon in the bench that you make kits with. Same with blacksmith, you can make the legendary kits that way, unless they changed that with this patch.

t4 durability amorer can no longer make the legendary patch kits … common, how do you do it? patch something and break anotyher one? i am scared to see what else got broken with this update.

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Garrison Blacksmith Benches are missing:
-steel reinforcement recipe
-iron reinforcement recipe
-siege cauldron recipe

New carpenter benches (missing recipes) seem to have been fixed.


The new blacksmith stations still have the issue with iron and steel reinforcement recipes being missing. Hopefully that will be picked up in the next hotfix.

The largest alchemist station placing is much better (only one I really tested).

Overall, this patch will help make the game play better :slight_smile:

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some1 make a comprenhensive list for funcom, so they can fix this issues.

including the quoted one … it is now broken.


Thank you Ignasis. Hopefully that fix will come soon. I know not game breaking or anything, but it is pretty important to a lot of people as we care deeply how our characters look.

I can confirm that padding is still required for armor repair, as well.


I know how it should work, and before the patch everything worked like that, now the armorer does not provide an opportunity to craft kits.

I also noted this it is heavily nerfed, I thought it was a bug even, but I found a Black smith yesterday finally!

I started a fresh game when the patch launched (I know silly me) and I spammed the sh*t out of the summoning place, my go to place for Thrall needs and after the whole weekend I found 0 armorers or bs, and to give you an idea of how much I spammed the place, I got 3 Ansina Dancers, wich were the rarest named thrall for me in that place, 5 witch doctors, again pretty rare, I thralled 2 and got 2 mask from the others hehehe

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This is right now an Hotspot “Fatal Error” Crash Candidate even normal Wheel of Pain = Crash

I never saw the Hotfix 2.1.1 Update queue in STEAM.

Are these the most current versions?

Test-Live version


Live version


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I can’t check the version but sometimes I need to restart steam to see the update.