PC Hotfix (12.10.2018)

That is really the first time i have ever seen this message stated, and id thought ive seen all error messages lol

Please Fix the bags asap devs its very "in the face

Geez, I hope so, will believe it when I see it tho… or rather, stop seeing it.

One of the issues that came with the latest patch is that your thralls/pets go bananas at any dmg you take. Even a tiny bit of dmg when going of a stair will have your thralls go bananas and run to you.
When you remove your bracelet inside your base they will run to your body, stand around clueless and blocking each other, and they will be stuck in that mode for a while.

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Is this game still in Alpha status or what? Because it’s playing like Alpha.


I can smell from your sarcasm how new you are into the game. :slight_smile:

Hi !

Why some player can’t connect anymore to any multypayer session ?

Some player are experiencing a big issue
They can acces to the serveur sellection panel ! The clic on the multiplayer button on the first screen and next, the game freezes and never acces to the next step before crashing !

What and when will you fix that please ?

after updating several parts of my base does not appear, but they are there the only problem is that it causes difficulty of my locomotion inside the base, because they lack render parts, I am sending the image showing what happens. this after the upgrade. but if for example I jump up I go back to the original location as if I had not moved. sorry but I can not attach the proof, if you want to evaluate my problem I am at your entire disposal.

Yes the potions have short timer to keep from being abused as a quick escape from pvp

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Turtle carcass gives cithin for some reason.

I played last 2 days, tested on our official in my own silly ways.

Yes the bugs. Lets leave them aside for a moment,
they are 100% important tho, but there is more imo.

I now can feel the difference in a good way.
In this road up (I hope so) is this a point what i waited for.

Overall :The ride is more smooth and interaction more direct."
Yes, it has its moments but generally.

I crafted 3 jaguars and 2 panthers.

The craft was conform all, no wierd timers or so, all glitch free.
It resulted in one greater panther and the rest default.
All where placed,a filled feeding trogg close and all was oke concerning feeding.

I walked the map with a tamed jaguar as a mate/wingman.
On a Official pve c 20-30+ players, weekend.

Need to adjust as player when to implie a pet in your actions, but that’s expected.

Lots of approaches for a playstyle with a pet, but the median one is -
(Learn to)use the pet as a tool, don’t let it simply follow and see what happens.

The gameplay performance was - and really i did not expect it to be good at all,

very good. (wth happened :hugs:)

Lets see where it take us when the servers are a bit cleaner even,
but it was promising and i had a really great time.
And for hours, not for 10 mins or so.

The pet behaved very good overall.

Above that i do like that the pet update gives veteran players a refreshed sense of experience.
Above above that the communication has become better.

'Credit where credit is due. Gw keep atit.

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hi, according to the wiki, it seems like it is supposed to:

maybe it starts off as a shell, like here:
and then later hardens into chitin

Did the durability of tools get changed in this patch, or was it a previous one? Seems like it changes from month to month… (at least on newly made items).

As i played criticly for another day, all was well for me on official again.

I played all hours of the day, two accounts , two official servers.
(note that i run a dedicated CE pc Not used for other things/games)

The one server runs better then the other, i noticed several times, that if some (griefers) log in the lag rises bigtime and npc’s become idle and lagging about a minute in behind. Dunno what’s up with that.

Note: If the server goes bad all is wrong instantly.
Server seems to be not able to keep up in some instances updating the hives and havoc is there.
Its not visual in serverping or serverfps in debughud, but you can feel it in the response.

A rough indicator of the servers bad performance beeing a major factor.

I would really like to test a dedicated (not cloud) server and im considering hiring a good server for a while to see whats up.


Since this last patch our Dedicated run fine until another player logs in like an hour after a restart then server error messages appear in command line stating unable to sync time with playerX. I disabled server catchup time and that makes a big improvement and server can stay up for around 6 hours before jittering and response time drop. Another issue we have is if a player accesses the new event log the server instantly starts a memory leak and starts a downward spiral of doom. I’m running a HP Gen9 48 core Intel 4 CPU 128GB DDR4 with Intel 600gb SSD in Striped Raid so go figure. Hope this helps.

when a player tries to access the Event Log, does it always trigger a Full Download of the log, or just a portion of it? maybe it is trying to always download a full copy, and that is what is causing the issue (regardless of whether it is a player’s first time, or subsequent time?)

also, i wonder if the server is trying to compress the entire log, and then send it to the player, who then uncompresses it locally, as that type of compression might also cause lag if not set to lowest priority)

Full Download but I know that only Clan leaders on our server can see the event log others in threads suggest this too. For some reason not every player can see what’s in the log I think this broken link is the issue.

oh ok, thanks for the info

Closing this topic as we have a new patch out for PC :slight_smile: