PC Hotfix (14.01.2019) - Anti-flooding tools and crash fixes

Works fine for me. Since blueprints were altered, might have to do the ole mod check.

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Targetting is wonky after this dropped. As I get closer to my target my character looks higher then normal instead of right at them. Some times this causes my character to swing over their head. Anyone else having this issue?

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Settings > Gameplay > Controller Style Moment - Off
Click Back , Then Resume.

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There are indeed issues with melee combat and we are already looking into this and the movement issues reported. Thanks for the feedback so far :slight_smile:


Turning controller style movement off, then pressing q to target something fixed the issue for me.

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BUG - When you aim on NPC after pressing “Q” and start hitting him, your screen is shacking like crazy


Awesome, thank you so much. The combat in Conan is so much fun.

Many thanks, updated Server Perfect Server (WIPE 01.01.19; PVP DMG x2; EXP x3; LOOT x2.5)
Just as in advance to learn about the update, that would have time to prepare for it. After all, without a manual update and restart, the server will not be available.

Большое спасибо, обновил сервер Perfect Server(WIPE 11.01.19; PVP DMG x2; EXP x3; LOOT x2.5)
Только, как заблаговременно узнавать о обновлении, что бы успевать подготавливаться к нему. Ведь без ручного обновления и рестарта, сервер будет недоступен.

Unfortunately the bug is still present. :frowning:

  • Private server
  • PvE
  • No mods


There are other problems.

In Controller Mode On/Auto People are seeing themselves roll backwards, but in fact the server/other players are seeing them roll forward.

In Controller Mode Off People are seeing their characters move as normal but other players aren’t seeing them move the camera around and it appears they are standing still. (Forward facing camera moment with Controller Mode Off)

Fair enough, I’ll be sure to do so once I have the time. Thanks for pointing it out, it’s very easy to forget the mods when being so used to them.

WTF test your sh… before you release… after 1k+ hours conan I’m not able to play because of the movement bug issue. If my base gets fxxxed before you fixed that… RIP conan :frowning:

There is a easy fix got into settings turn off controller style movment go find a mob to fight hit Q and it fixes it

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Guys, please, if any developers read this, please return the prior combat system with the prior camera lock on and etc. this new combat system is an absolute trainwreck! Or have an option for both so people can choose what they want. Thank you

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As has been posted on other places turn off control style movement in settings then find mob hit q and it should fix it.


The hotfix also appears to have broken shields:

  • Blocking is now rarely effective. I’m taking damage from all shaleback and crocodile attacks even with shield continuously up.

  • Unwielding a shield takes two actions. The first unwield removes it from the hotbar – it disappears, and if you loot something, the looted item goes into the shield’s previous slot – and the shield continues to be visually wielded (and blocking animation still doable). The second unwield returns it to the hotbar – if its slot is already taken, it picks another slot, or goes into the bag – and is actually removed from the character’s arm.

You shouldn’t be altering basic game mechanics in a hotfix… that’s game developer’s 101, IMO.

Why is it that every patch, every single patch I have to stop Steam from updating and wait several weeks until all the issues with the patch are solved/ironed out? It shouldn’t be like this… specially not with a hotfix.


I am going out on a limb with this but if this is going to consoles as well pc players are catching part of that because consoles use controllers vs keyboard/mouse players.

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Hey all, we just put out a quick fix:

  • Fixed issue introduced with latest patch that affected unarmed fist attacks, kicks, and some actions with shields.

The servers won’t need to restart for this but you will need to update your clients. Restart Steam if you are unable to see it.