PC Hotfix (14.01.2019) - Anti-flooding tools and crash fixes


Guys, please, if any developers read this, please return the prior combat system with the prior camera lock on and etc. this new combat system is an absolute trainwreck! Or have an option for both so people can choose what they want. Thank you


As has been posted on other places turn off control style movement in settings then find mob hit q and it should fix it.


The hotfix also appears to have broken shields:

  • Blocking is now rarely effective. I’m taking damage from all shaleback and crocodile attacks even with shield continuously up.

  • Unwielding a shield takes two actions. The first unwield removes it from the hotbar – it disappears, and if you loot something, the looted item goes into the shield’s previous slot – and the shield continues to be visually wielded (and blocking animation still doable). The second unwield returns it to the hotbar – if its slot is already taken, it picks another slot, or goes into the bag – and is actually removed from the character’s arm.


The “Following” Thrall has become messy again.

When the game starts, it is following fine, but once the way to the player is blocked by for instance, a closed door it starts to teleport everywhere, and never again recovers to normal walking.


You shouldn’t be altering basic game mechanics in a hotfix… that’s game developer’s 101, IMO.

Why is it that every patch, every single patch I have to stop Steam from updating and wait several weeks until all the issues with the patch are solved/ironed out? It shouldn’t be like this… specially not with a hotfix.




I am going out on a limb with this but if this is going to consoles as well pc players are catching part of that because consoles use controllers vs keyboard/mouse players.


Hey all, we just put out a quick fix:

  • Fixed issue introduced with latest patch that affected unarmed fist attacks, kicks, and some actions with shields.

The servers won’t need to restart for this but you will need to update your clients. Restart Steam if you are unable to see it.


And the view is like 5 feet above their head.


Because you’re judicious. If you’re here to play, you stick with what works until the next proven set or subset is released. It’s only logical, and your frustration is crystallized among vets almost universally.

I made a suggestion back in August about macros and controllers, being a PS4 player with a batwing or two on my PC. It might’ve finally come to fruition, which is a good thing, along with a fix to another really vexing DNS-based attack. I can’t say much more, as it’s not my place.


Yeah, exactly :slight_smile: I want to keep playing the game!

Specially now that I’m back in the mood for it :blush: But mods are a BIG part of what I like with the game, and each patch is like a nuke for mods :cry:


The new movement is just wrong and there is no setting that turns its off,. Can’t straff, can’t back up without putting my back open to attack, Funcom, put the old movement back ASAP please.


go to settings and turn off controller style movment then get in game find a mob and hit q to target it should fix it


That was fast, appreciated Funcom! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait, why is the new patch over 700MB?!


Or just go to “First-Person-View” and back (press “P” two times).


Thanks that’s good to know will pass that on. I use a controller myself but most on server dont


after this patch I have extreme stuttering


Just in case: If you applied the tweak to the base game INIs for the BlueprintClusteringEnabled, be sure to reapply it… as patches normally undo changes to base INIs!


just for this, i will purchase the pict pack, thank you funcom, next time dont make us suffer that long without conan, my hearth cant handle it :P.

and if this is a player caused problem, please ban the ■■■■ out of them.


So the direction a player is facing and the direction other players see them facing is completely different in this update