PC Hotfix (14.01.2019) - Anti-flooding tools and crash fixes

Is the new hotfix out? I don’t want to waste time downloading the old new one if I’ll just have to download another one when I finish. XD

I don’t get any experience for crafting building pieces. Is that a bug or was that intended change? Playing on PC on local solo game. I thought hotfix would take care of that, but apparently not.

It is not out yet. We will announce it once it’s out as usual :slight_smile:

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Yeah i tried that, but doesn’t work, sadly :frowning:

Great! guys, please, return the old targeting system, the new one is incredibly jerky and frustrating, one cannot see his opponent, cannot judge distance and pretty much becomes not only useless but a hindrance if used as you only see the back of your character and nothing else.

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Can you use macros?

I really appreciate the fixes and the fixes to the broken stuff caused by fixes, honestly. But I am really curious if you guys are working on fixing the targetting issues people are mentioning. It’s no that bad for most targets, but when facing some, especially human targets you tend to stare over their heads.

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Please roll back this buggy Update.
Combat is not working again, enemys are teleporting, Lockcam (Q) sets the camera very low.
Performance seems to be messed up a bit.
Can´t set trophys on a wall omg again a patch that breaks the game…
Movement in FP looks weird.

PLease test ur patches!!!

Since this update I can’t block at all, shields are useless.

The client isn’t showing you facing the direction that the game thinks you’re facing. If you move backward or sideways, to the game you’ve actually turned to face the direction you’re moving towards. In other words, regardless of your settings and on-screen appearances, the game perceives your movements as if controller mode is ON.

Obviously the following workaround is not always practical, but if you were to move forward as you put the shield up, blocking will work. You can also turn on controller mode on explicitly, so that your onscreen facing accurately reflects your combat position state.


I have massive lag/stuttering when moving sideward on stairs (tested only T1) on official pvp server.

Greetings. The problem with shields is not solved when you defend with a shield, sometimes damage is done. And as previously written, the problem with the camera.

I get this same issue with shields not blocking damage, just noticed it today. It only appears on our server though, not in single player for me.

Camera, shield and movement issues are all linked and part of the same problem. A fix is being worked on and should be ready with the next update within a few days (as soon as possible).
Thanks a lot for the patience everyone :slight_smile:


And what the stuttering of the game will ever be corrected, or we have to make it so that it never happens thank you

This hotfix and the upcoming one are addressed to add more robust anti-flooding measures.
Our team is looking into performance issues after collecting feedback from this thread: Performance issues Feedback thread - Stuttering, lag


Ignasis pleas ca you give us some info pleas?
We still canot play the game…

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how soon before the fix comes for falling through the floor and unable to interact with buildings and such

well I have images to show exactly what I’m talking about but new users can’t upload images… so the thing I need to illustrate my issue can’t be used…

Might be beneficial to contribute to this existing thread.

I’ll add that if you feel your images can help contribute, post the link, but add some extra characters (like asdf) at the beginning or something to break up the link. I’m not a moderator but I’ll add a reply with the correct URL to try and help out.