PC Hotfix (15.04.2019) - Treasures of Turan DLC and UI fix

The skins are only cosmetics and shouldn’t change the carrying capacity of the animals in question :slight_smile: It just makes them look more like pack animals. I’ve changed the text in the original announcement to reflect it.

Thanks for pointing it out to us!


I’m not seeing flawless epic Turanian Mercernary Chestguard to craft. Is this a bug or intended?

When we will see this dlc on x box and the fix for not showing up whe are the owner of buildings.

Once it undergoes certification by Microsoft. We don’t have any estimates yet, but hopefully soon.


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It is called Turan Warrior Chestguard due to a translation issue.


Love the DLC, however I was looking forward to replacing existing walls and pillars etc in my base with the new Turan stuff. After I bought the DLC and patched the game, it’s not giving me the option to replace building items of the same type with the new ones (I can’t replace an Acquilonian wall with a Turan one, for example). This is frustrating as I paid for the DLC but can’t really enjoy it without dismantling my entire base that I worked hard on. Please fix this soon!


Are you guys aware that one cannot dismantle armor repair kits or tool upgrade kits?

Why is the elephant smaller than its counterpart in nature? Is there a chance that in the future it will have its colossal, mammoth or some other version? I love that they are always adding new things to the game :blush:

Any1 can tell what are the stats on medium armor?

Define Medium

You should make a seperate Suggestions thread for this as well :wink:

New placeables! Funcom, huge thank you for listening!

Didnt realise it was already up on the wiki/gamepedia, just saw the stats are on str, thanks.

Anything which is an item will get datamined by Testerle’s bot, anything else will need to be added manually.

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You should try replacing a wall, with a door frame, and then back to the wall you want. It’s more expensive, but it might be a workaround to your problem.

@Jens_Erik @Ignasis

Sorry, but the carry weight of pack animals is in question again due to a photo on these forums! :slight_smile:

In the picture, linked above, the pack animal (pet) has 20 slots.
In my game, I only have 10 slots on my pets…
… Im a bit confused - but do welcome the extra slots!


Why the devil is a desert armor for winter do not you look at the armor before you release it for sale?

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Extra Slot question answered here for those who may not see it:

Workarounds are fine while waiting on a hotfix.

But first of that it has to we acknoledged as a bug. I agree that we should be able to replace all building elements, be it dlc or not. And Turna shouldn’t be an exeption here.