PC Hotfix (15.11.2018)

Hey everyone!

We’re rolling out a quick hotfix for the PC to take care of some issues that popped up after the post-Halloween patch. Please not that this patch contains no updates to the Purge system. That is planned to come out in a future patch.

The dev kit will release at the same time as this patch so mod creators can update their mods right away.


  • Fixed an issue with thrall recipes not being visible when the user reenters any crafting station
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from scrolling up and down within any crafting station when using a controller
  • Fixed a Quick Loot functionality issue for loot bags, where loot bags weren’t quick loot-able, even by their owner

Nice, but now I have to build like 3 new chests! :wink:

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That may not have been in effect after all, so I’ve removed it from the patch notes for now.

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And when you fix this old bug, it’s also back since end of halloween event:

Flying over foundations

Does this happen with all building pieces and tiers or just the Aquilonia pieces? Does it happen all the time when you try to walk over them or just some of the time?

сервер 1214 недоступен ! вышел скачать обновление теперь не могу войти обратно

mostly on aquilonia.
Sometime i need restart 3 time to stop that flying
Some player told me it’s not just aqilonia

Jens, I’m wondering if you could tell me what happened to the named thralls in the volcano area? Were they disabled until the spawn can be randomized?

Is this in single-player or online play? Does it activate when you log in or when you’re simply trying to walk over the foundations?

As far as I know there haven’t been any changes to their spawn rate

Online privat server and it activate when i login

This is also happening to me on official PVE #1000 server just after I log in (not every time but very often, like 90%). My small house floor is made mostly of sandstone foundations, one stonebrick foundation and few sandstone ceilings. My character float above the one stonebrick foundation and all sandstone ceilings. sandstone foundations are ok. To fix it I had to relog (one or more times) or go away from my building until it disappears. Then when I’m back it’s fixed.

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Thank you for providing more information :slight_smile:

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i will try this with go away and come back … next time

“As far as I know there haven’t been any changes to their spawn rate”

It hasn’t changed in the hotfix, meaning they don’t spawn anymore after the Pet patch, or that you all believe they are all right and this issue does not need to be fixed? They are not the only broken spawn, for instance in the den the armorers able to craft flawless hyena armor are not spawning, simply because where there was a fixed spawn of armorers now any kind of thralls spawns, from dancers to tanners, meaning that the chances that a single named thrall would spawn are incredibly low. I’ve been literally spent days just farming the Den over and over for hours, and not a single time the named armorers spawned. We are talking about hyena fur armors, it’s not like they could craft something that would break the game. I am quite sure that checking and eventually fixing a spawn point is not that complex, I trust you have a table with what can spawn and a percentage chance.

My building is built on a rock, to the north east of The Tower of Bats, east of Witness Camp, lots of tamed animals around so you can’t miss it. It’s open so you can get it with a lift and try to reproduce the issue if you like :slight_smile:

The first one, that it hasn’t changed in the hotfix. There’s an internal fix for it which will go out in a later patch. :slight_smile:


sad :frowning:

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@Wiluvan Since the Pet Patch we dont have 100% spawns anymore, Volcano, Pagoda or somewhere else. They share their spawn with T1 T2 T3 also. I guessed it was intended and some kind of balacing.

Sidenote. Varkin Fleetfood formerly a 100% spawn at the Pagoda of the boundless lusts isnt a 100% spawn anymore but still appears from time to time and shares his spot with other dancers. So i guess its the same at the volcano.

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there are quite a few they dont spawn at all!!!.

the volcano alchemist , the volcano tanner, the volcano taskmaster. just to new a few. (pagoda seems to be spawning all they are supposed to spawn, not sure about the fighters (mei the blade and the make version)

@Palm522 i agree, i didnt saw Mei the Blade, Roknori, Sranka and Waros for a while their. Thought they spawn more less now. Didnt and dont know they are completely out of the spawntable.