PC Hotfix (15.11.2018)


Sometimes this can happen when builds are over certain landscape areas. This is not a new thing, but sometimes pops up depending on the build and what it is built over. My floating often happens when I am starting a game or walking over building structures over some water and also some old foundations. It goes away if I delete and replace some built stuff.


Thanks a lot

If you know of specific areas where this happens, please let me know :slight_smile:

there is nothing build where the animals stay, and it is the same bug as monthes ago with the tents

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You can find my bug reports of Petsystem here: PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018) Jens closed this thread :frowning:

Jens, you can add spiders and rocknose to the list of pets, who cannot be deleted too.

If I may make a connection here, for a quick example there are some rocky knolls west of Chaosmouth. They build up into the wall ruins and are great places to make starter furnace bases because it will have little impact on the ore deposits between Chaosmouth and the homesite. That gives you the general flavor of the terrain, so I can be non-specific about the implications. :wink:

Over time I maintain bases around the map in places like this and notice that transitions between lower and upper levels, say on stairs, can cause the weirdest of the floating behaviors. These can include strobing, flashing, character “chimeric” movements (zipping around like The Flash), and unplayable game sessions.

What has never been assented by Technical Staff is what I have deduced: Funcom’s continued terrain improvements can have unpredictable results on present buildings, in certain locations. My solution has been to replace the staircase after logging out elsewhere. :slight_smile:

oh i see you was talking about the floating problem, ^^, i have this bug back since end of halloween-patch, so it must be a bug

Thanks, and how do I rank up to officer in my clan?

Jens, you can also add hyena to my list. sights

fix it break it fix it break it fix it break it fix it break it

I know you said there was no Purge fixes in this patch, but after this patch all of a sudden my purge meter is climbing again and not resetting with the server restart. this is on official 1504. seems it is also working for everyone on this server now, where it has been resetting every day for a long time. Looking forward to the real purge patch.

same by me, no more reset by server restart

This is certainly a bug and will be hot fixed soon… Oh, wait a sec…!
Now I expect some people to rant about another change not been mentioned in the bug fix list. :laughing:

I haven’t played this game in over 8 weeks and won’t again until it works better and smoother, I simply can’t conjure up enough enthusiasm to even log in. The moment I do, and I see my base taking forever to load up and/or I attempt to open a chest and get a huge lag spike, it just depresses me and I switch it off again.

When you read through these forums and see with every patch how more aspects are bugged, game has become laggier (if that’s even a word) and now we have bugs “fixed” unintentionally, I wonder if Funcom have what it needs to fix this game. The long delays in fixes is shameful.

I believe it all started going down hill fast when the 3rd person view was introduced, prior to this I was really enjoying this game, but with every single patch and update to this game since 3rd person fighting was introduced has made the game worse.

I was so looking forward to the Pet system, I stupidly thought that it would have come with fixes to a lot of the long standing issues. Instead, all I read are reports of bugs at how they don’t eat correctly, they die on you unexpectedly and other issues to the point that I haven’t even bothered to train a pet since it hit Live, I just know I’m in for disappointing time, so I didn’t bother.

For 3-4 months I haven’t bothered trying to get Thralls because they don’t defend my base even IF I was to be hit by a purge. SO many core mechanics just simply don’t work and can’t be trusted to work when you need them.

And how many times have I asked for 2x2 doors? How hard could it have been? Now you say its harder because of all the different tile styles in the game, but players have been asking for these doors since BEFORE the DLC’s started to roll out. This is just one of many QOL requests which have been ignored over and over. Armour stands… how hard could it be to put these in the game, yet nothing.

I can’t see myself, the Mrs or my son ever coming back to this game now, at least not until I read reports in these forums as to how the game is great and everything works as intended. Funcom, you had a good thing going, but for me, you’ve wrecked your own game. This game could have been a very popular cash cow for your company for years to come, instead you may as well close the doors and let the remaining two or three staff also move over to your other projects.

The art team create brilliant scenes etc, the community team have been doing a great job defending the company, the coding team I’m sure are understaffed and under resourced, but as I’ve said a few times before, whoever is in charge needs replacing, they are screw-ing this game and the paying customers.

But, congratulations on being able to convince over 1,500,000 million people to buy this broken project, that’s the only thing you did do well in this dreadful saga.


If the game was still in Early Access, I could have accepted the need to have to mess about rebuilding to resolve issues like this, not in a published game though.

If nothing else, the mess with this game has made me resolute to never buy another Funcom product until I see this project fixed and ready for meaningful playtime.

I foolishly bought or won all of the dlc’s or myself, son and Mr’s, thinking the cash flow would help FC fix the game, instead, all I did in reality was help to pay off the company’s debt and line the shareholders pockets. Never again will I get dupped like this again.

My server population has almost been wiped out now, I will close that down soon too. Thanks Funcom !


This not only happens with aquilonian style, we have this bug in our community on all type of pieces, from sandstone till t3, black ice, aquilonia and so on.

I think you mean bugs they conveniently call ‘working as intended’, these are never in the bug fix list :wink:


I stopped giving 1 more dollar to Funcom after the first DLC, remained open to buying the others but only when core game mechanics would have been fixed. That was 4-5 months ago… They are still not fixed today… Even the way how they do things they are basically saying themselves that this game is a short time money grab, when you need a patch to end an event… When the patch to end the event is again(in line with everyting else) introducing more issues than it actually fixes… When the hotfixes need hotfixes… When simple stuff like filling the tables with the correct values are not being fixed after months… When they start calling new bugs ‘working as intended’… Simply put, when the company making the game is called Funcom, be aware.

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