PC Hotfix (17.08.2018)

Oh ya it started after the mother load patch right? it like what 1 month already ? Do Funcom remember this?

Dude you are asking much, did you not see the patch they just released? I think the pets will have a major delay because of the 2 HIGH PRIO bugs they had to fix first, sorry the resources from past week were working on these 2 fixes(and some 10 new problems :slight_smile: )

I was hyped for the pets patch, because it kinda introduces new metas to play the game, with the addition to the new shield mechanics that were supposed to come with it. Right now, i don’t know what to think, i kinda saw this coming, but with the brain dead AI that is still here since launch and bug placements for foundations that still linger since the game’s launch that have been “fixed” i don’t know what to think.

I logged in yesterday, had a thrall on follow and did some jungle exploring. Seriously… the pet system is going to use that mechanic. No I’m not hyped at all… After doing that I built a square box and put 10 archers on it, lured the spider boss inside and watched the thralls behave…

Ugh! I can’t tell what’s a bug and what’s part of the game anymore!! :slight_smile:

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So… are you going to reply this Funcom? really want some answer here, please?

Continuing the discussion from High Priority Fixes Build 104551/18892 [13.08.2018]:

This is the kind of answer they give…

To be honest, MOST of the bugs i see are just minor annoyances.

I do NOT play PvP though - and thralls not aggroing players would really break the game for me.

In conclusion, if you play PvE and don’t give a hoot about PvP then everything is pretty good, just some tiny inconveniences you can live with.
If you MUST play PvP though, then get ready for some pain, because those are where the bugs are having the most impact…

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Please don’t quote me out of context here. You also know that we are trying to get you as much information as we can so there is no need for sarcasm and hyperbole, ok?

The icon fix was necessary because is destroyed framerate on PC and Xbox. So yes, forgive us for prioritizing that bug :slight_smile:

Foundations was a fix that many asked for as well.

Yes, that is a known bug and we have reported it :slight_smile:


I will say that bugs are also down to personal experience.

Nothing in this game annoys me more… than raining indoors :joy::rofl::smile::sweat_smile::cloud_with_rain:


Thanks for the hot fix. I second the opinion that smaller, more frequent fixes are preferable to big ones that take weeks to roll out.


And what about all the things you broke again while ‘fixing’ 2 bugs, the lag while fighting is worse than ever and the snapping kinda works… Great fixes. It caused the corner stairs to be screwed again, the temperature screwed again, etc… What was out of context? Did you find anything internally before releasing it again without even going over testlive?

What answer do you expect? “Oh yes, we are adding bugs on purpose, because we have nothing to do and getting bored”?


Well, let us know what we broke with the hotfix so we can work on it.

That’s exactly the reason we did the hotfix just now. Or are you giving us feedback that after the Hotfix you experience worse lag than before? Can you be more specific? Did nothing improve for you in regards to lag and debuff icons? Does everyone else feel that same?

You quoted me and implied that that was the answer that we give in general, which is hyperbole. We are here for you guys so we can improve on our communication and make sure you are heard as well as communicate as much as we can back from the team. So let us just work together as much as we can, yeah?

Appreciate the reports though :slight_smile:


You can maybe test yourself before releasing anything, when was is on testlive? Or are we supposed to test in live? I can live with small bugs that go undetected in the testing, but releasing a patch that contains 2 fixes, that are not even fixed… Same as last patch, 4/5 of what was in it as ‘fixed’ was not fixed…
Thralls still do not work, world mobs still do not work…(server with more than 12 people playing that is), what is the use of reporting bugs? Give me 1 bug out of the 25ish reported last week on testlive(only by the 3 people I was testing with), or any other bug reported by other testers that was corercted before going live?

I am not part of the testing team and I frankly wouldn’t have time :slight_smile:
Is this a general feedback from everyone, that the lag specifically linked to debuff icons has not been fixed and there is no improvement whatsoever?

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Maybe you can visit any Official server and look at the general chat for 30minutes, that will give you an idea…

What is etc exactly?
Have you seen this your self or do you just quote all the problems some random guy writes here?

The corner stairs have allways been hard to fit properly, and by dismantle the nearby stair and change the piece you set up first usually fix it.
And sence they fixed the fence foundation maybe the stability of the current stair broke so one must build it again, not really a big deal i`d say.

I have not seen ANY temp problem in-game today after patch, have you?
By that i mean your self, and not a ramdom quote.

And i am still interrested to know what you mean with etc?
Have you played and tested to find something you didnt read here on the forum?

Post a bug report and lets see it.

Please, can we just let bygones be bygones and say that you and @Tascha have a point.

I guess atleast some issues are related to the workload of the server/game and cannot easly tested internally or on testlive with just a few people on it. A dev must consider, if that could be a possible cause, ore not. But I do have to agree, that observing the overall process as a player and a visitor of your forums, that it seams you do not make any progress for what ever reason. Of course you can urge us to give reasonable reports your team can working on, but if we don’t see any overall progression of it, there will be no one left to give you any feedback nor will play on testlive. Which feels fallow already.