PC Hotfix (22.06.2018) - DLC and Exploit Fixes


Infinite repair of Khitan bow.


I think the DLC armors, and weapons should not give players any advantage over players that don’t own it. But I think they should be comparable stat wise to the other end game items, with the appropriate level restrictions, i.e. the same stats with a different skin. I don’t see how that can be seen as pay to win.


It may be a couple days late, but don’t respond this guy or anyone like him. With responses like this…

…they either aren’t reading any of what people are saying about the dlc, or they have some bad reading comprehension skills. The fact that some people continue to say things like that boggles the mind, because never once has anyone asked for any of the gear to be p2w. All we want is the gear to be on par with the gear we already use, so it doesn’t feel worthless crafting/using them.



  • Thralls disappear after following a while, and not able to follow every time when teleporting with world map, but also can’t find at world map when walking back.
  • Thrall just standing and do nothing when fighting with character.
  • Thrall stop following after got dropped out of game with an error and can not make it follow again because the game giving the too many thralls to follow message
  • After fighting some Rhinos the character got bugged and can not run (really annoying).


  • after reaching lvl60 why can not get every feasts unlocked, there is an option to reset the points with the yellow lotus so everyone can craft anything that just want but it is annoying to select the feast points every damn time. I think that feast points not making any difference in characters we should just unlock them by reaching the required lvl, and dont bother with points.
  • We can see the dmg of an item at the feast menu, but can not see it when want to craft, so if i want to decide which weapon/armors to craft to not waste resource i have to check the stats of the weapons/armors at the feasts, why can’t we see the stats of every item before crafting it in the workbenches.
  • Also would be nice if we can see the set bonus of an armor before crafting it.


I agree with this thinking. I do not understand why they feats are limited to a set number of points anyway.


An other issue after the exploit fixe patch that showed up in my game.

Tested on SP and on my server.
Not gamebreacking of course, but showing the change with placement one mal more.

I still used the little shelf in game to decorate my bases, and dispose some little objects like intended. Now all objects float above the shelf. Pincher, cups, candles, whatever i used to place on it mostly.

Like said, nothing big, nothing gamebreaking, just a detail more. But this patch gifted us with so many bugs and new issues, that realy i can not like it, i’m sorry.

Let’s mention also while the game still runned very smooth in Early acces and after release for me, this isn’t the case any more. I play still on the same server or test in my SP, this with same modlist, but now i experiment some lag, and worse, some bad freeze happen more and more often.

Fixing hacks, cheets and exploits it fine and needed, i understand that, but it should not make the game less pleasant and fun after it.


Fix the bug that neither walls nor fence foundations snap against foundations…
Also please fix the fact that T3 & T4 Crenelated walls and fences does not dmg or throw people of walls, what’s the use of these items in the game if they don’t work… We are supposed to be able to protect our bases against people just climbing over walls and you have broken that feature completely, starting to look to me that Funcom is breaking the game more and more rather than actually fixing it :rage:


Are you playing on PC?
My fence and wall pieces snap to foundations fine; however, the fence pieces, when used alone, only snap together in the middle or straight on the ends. How do players make a square corner with this happening?


I’ve had this once or twice. Very annoying as it left a tiny little gap when placed. Had to remove it and build on another foundation it just would not snap. Rest of the base was fine.

But since the last couple of patches this is the least of my worries.


Belgarath is correct, I am on PC SP PVP and I found that if you remove the offending foundation and add a new one the fence foundations usually will snap then.