PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)

The foundation upgrade crash has happened to me a number of times tonight as well.

Sounds similar to the issue I encountered when trying to delete a chest or a shrine. Fatal Error every time.
I can demolish building components without trouble, but if I try to remove an item: kablooie!

Also probably unrelated but I am unable to place a wheel anywhere. Always not enough contact, or overlapping object or space is occupied.

Anyone got an idea what may be going on there?

Whats to not understand?, we go back to a previous build and everything players have done since the newer one was rolled out will be lost. All that does is swap your pain to someone else. Should hundreds of other players who haven’t lost anything suffer just because Kharnarius lost a few thralls? How selfish is that thinking. Grow up mate. All of the builds since Xmas and before have been full of issues, this one is no different.

If you bought the game back in Feb 2017 like me and many others, then yes, I agree it feels like a scam, we were promised so much from this game which simply wasn’t delivered. If however you bought the game after release, which from your comments about not playing Early Access games would suggest, then your mates at Google would have highlighted the issues the game was having with just a little bit of research. Your contract is with Steam.

Go and kick a ball about or watch some box-sets then come back in the new year. You’re not going to get a refund and they are not going to roll back the servers now, suck it up!

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It does make the game feel like an empty sandbox.

No thanks. Archpriests being so rare is what makes it feel great to finally find one. So many resources are in abundance, we need some that are really rare.


Let’s sum up what i hope to get fixed soon.

And please…turn off that sound when you move your mouse in inventory. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yes please! It drives me crazy.


Official 1504, small wells quit working after server restart. My small well that was placed after this hotfix has dried up and no longer has any water.

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I noticed today that several places creatures (crocks and so) seem to spawn in clusters, like there suddenly is 2, 3, or 4 where there used to be only 1.

Also I have reported earlier that in some areas both npc’s, creatures and my fighter/archer thralls seem to aggro and work fine, while in other areas they don’t. Today I discovered that in one area (by the river in the swungle) where these worked fine yesterday, today they are not working. Also now it seems more like the npc’s might aggro and attack, while my thralls do not react at all, in the same places. Not very coherent behaviour, in other words.

Also noticed that my captured Devotees from the volcano has changed from being archers to being fighters. Don’t know if this is intentional though. Another player on the server reported the same.

There were also instances where I and another player went hunting together, were sometimes killed animals would appear on different sites for him than for me. We also had problems with unconsious npc’s being dragged, dropped into the ground and got lost. In one case the other player’s bindings broke and the npc vanished, in another case he died in a sandstorm and the npc also vanished.

This on a private non-modded pve server.

Edit; I also have the thing where some of my fighters/archers have very low health as I get to the area they are in. But this is does not apply to all.

Dont forget crappy performance! and stop makeing my character move sideways or backward like a slug

This is because inventory not loading properly. Spam i (open iventory) multiple times and your fps is going down to low 15-20s. if you don’t open your inventory performance is good. Click on “stats” after you opened your inventory and hit ESC fps should be back to normal.

This has something to do with character (paper doll) not loading in inventory screen and should be fixed asap.

Hey all, just released a small hotfix! This focuses on an issue where the Degenerate’s Illusion would cause a common server crash. Thanks for your patience and your continue reports! We’re noting each one down.
Please give the servers some time to update and come back online.


Thanks Spynosaurus!

Can you tell if the wheel-of-pain crashes are also covered or, if not, if it’s on your list? Thanks a lot!


Thanks :slight_smile:
Please don’t forget the inventory bug which causes blurry textures and fps drops. :slight_smile:

Explosive damage is out of whack. 10 grease 1 fire does 50k to t3. Explosives doing 30k EACH jar. Used to be 10k. Please revert.

Those are all ones we’re aware of and were reported to the developers. :slight_smile: This patch was only to address the volcano boss crashing servers. It was a serious issue we were able to patch out real quick.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Well some more bugs ive noticed to day fishtraps no longer work after server restart how do you expect me to get oil to make the ‘new’ insulated wood recipe that makes over 100 recipe’s more expencive becase you ‘tryed’ to make black ice harder to make.


I would like to welcome the correction of the character in the inventory and the related things. Because inventory is being used constantly. It’s not good to have FPS drops when I close it. No server crash errors I and my friends did not notice we were probably lucky

Unrelated to this patch - Issue been happening for some time now.

Server: Private PvE-C UnModded
Bug: Doors Auto Close/Open
Issue: Works until next server reboot

Some weeks ago, I changed a couple of doors to “Disable Auto Close”
Many times now I have changed these back to “Enable Auto Close”
The auto close then works fine during that session, but after a server reboot, the doors change back to Disabled in the open state.

Edit: FYI: "Some weeks ago, "I changed a couple of doors to “Disable Auto Close”
When I did this the first time, I left the door in the open state, just in case that helps you.