PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)



After seeing that many reports of players about thralls being broken on both steam and here, i decided to jump back into conan to check that with my own eyes.
i have to admit, it’s just insane how badly they’re broken, and it must be related to one of your very last hotfix, since i clearly remember being purged the day of big mother patch release, and it was still ok (still buggy though but def not as bad as it is right now)
i always try to be tolerant with funcom about the bad things they create from patch to patch because i found a lot of value in this game, but i think this have come to a point where it becomes close to non unacceptable.

Having a descent working AI is key for this game. and conan exiles has seen all kind of weird AI behaviours from early access untill now. i think it’s about time you hire extra manpower for this task because you just don’t seem to get it working. Everytime i feel like it has reached an okish level, a patch comes out and ruins everything.

Ok so now i’m gonna post some screens, because it’s everything i can do, in order to hopfully help you figuring this out.
Good luck !


Single player on PC
ok, so base setup:

So nothing too fancy here

first wave : usually fighters are already involved at that distance and if not, they will get aggro as soon as one of their temates will get hit, same for ennemies, but here nothing happens even when one fighter gets a hit in the face. it was only untill i got hit that they all reacted.

see, they are now involved, so i decided to get to the other side of the base to find out that a wave had already been dealt with, kinda promising for the rest of the purge you would tell me…

BUT, from that point on it was just riduculous how they had all become passive to each other (both thralls and ennemies), ennemies were trying to destroy my base though and doing AOE damage to my thralls in the process of course. i didn’t matter anymore if i was hit or not.

they are almost all passive to each other exept 4-5 archers who helped me dealing with this purge (+ sometimes 1 fighter landing 1 hit in and there, but that was RARE)

So please explain me how your AI is making a total butchery during 1 wave and doing NOTHING for all the remaining waves ?

Last thing noticed: once the purge was announced as “decimated”, ennemies didn’t react to my attacks anymore at all untill they would die or eventually despawn:

i don’t know what i should think about your company funcom… i think i will give you 1 last chance to correct this mess once you’ve come back from your hollidays (wich everyone needs by the way) and that in the name of all the value and fun i had with your game since EA, then if you fail, my faith of you bringing 1 day this game to stability will be gone for good.


Thats exactly the feeling that all players we have at this moment. Specialy the ones that we have been playing since first days of EA.

The big problem here are not the bugs (or not only the bugs). The real problem is the way that things are getting worse month after month. Every patch breaks game mechanisms and is followed by a bunch of hotfixes trying to clean the mess with relative success. Currently, the AI is completely broken. It was fairly better when we only had sand, crocs, hyenas and shalebacks.

It’s hard to understand how a team that has such great proffessionals in dessign and art areas,
has such lousy programmers. Art and dessign could turn this into a great game, but programming is ruining it.

In the end the feeling that remains for the community is that they do not know what they are doing at all. And that is sad and dangerous. Market has no mercy.


It looks like the Purge system is not working and star metal nodes dissapear on impact, please help :slight_smile:


Let me report some problems and shortcomings. The most important is the container preview system (the last one). Sorry for my English.

1. Traps for fish.
If you place them underwater, then 1) does not display what’s inside, 2) the first time I look inside it is impossible to pick everything up by pressing the spacebar.

2. Why not add the ability to change equipment from slaves who are engaged in craft?
This is a very large minus. Some do not wear clothes at all, it’s not good.

3. When in a object that use on fuel, have are two types (for example, oil and coal).
Why does not it automatically start using the second when the first one ends?

After the restart, the work of the machines-tools does not resume, why? Very often you fly out of the game and going running everywhere restarting everything! It’s if you remember. Because often you run faster to your body, that things are not stolen.

4. Preview the contents of the container !!!
This is very annoying, because the game hangs up every time you run to the container in the location that was unloaded. With pvp it’s just deadly and infuriates to impossible. Maybe players with SSD do not experience difficulties, but without SSD impossible! You just run past the house or try to run to home and just freezing for a few seconds to while loading those containers! With that, all objects are displayed.
Solution. If you can not fix the hang, add item in the menu to turn off the preview. During pvp this is a very serious disbalance.
Such a problem arises by many, not just me. I saw this on many streams. Even the inclusion of the lowest graphics does not help.

Technical parameters of my computer:

CPU: i7-6700HQ 3.6 GHz;
RAM: 16GB DDR4-2400MHz (2x8GB)
HDD: WD 10000 rpm;
Windows 10 LTSB.
In this case, you do not need to talk about the system settings or anything else. I’m good at this, this is my specialization.

For now, everyone, this is the most annoying thing in the game. Even with the fact that many chests were lost with the update on the server.
I hope you can fix at least the hang of the preview of the containers.

Best regards,


that’s ok to me, just the game isn’t intended for wood in the desert, or sandstone in the north, it’s a choice at this moment.

The oil question is an other, oil production should be paired with the buildings elements at same level, what ever it is. They did a chance without thinking at the rest.

And, of course, i like also the wooden look, i would love even more choice in wooden building structures. But that’s a again an other discussion.


Mine too i like to move up north to the green areas and build in wood near New Asagarth and the wood just fits for the area.



I placed a well on foundation wedges, 6 to make a circle “pizza” and it gathers water all the time


Nudity always returns to partial when the game is shut down or the server restarts from Full. You also have this error. Applies to Single player and dedicated server. Everywhere is set Full on both the server and PC settings.


AI problem
It is obvious and proved by the experiment of placing 40 thralls next to a npc camp, that the AI becoming inactive is a engine limitation being reached. Whether its a limitation per zone or global remains to be seen. But bases with tens of thralls standing by will break AI from monsters in the vicinity.

Container preview/quickloot
Problem probably not gonna have a fix short of disabling it. Maybe there is some code optimization possible, but I think we should get at least an option to disable it.


I will try making a wedge foundation, but at this point I cannot even place the well let alone get water from it.


If you make sure to leave at least one fish in the trap when you clean it out, the fish trap appears to keep working. It’s the only workaround I have seen that works.


change it in ini

MaxNudity=2, then set ini on read only


not for me.

In early acces i had easily fish, now i must repick them each time, or no fish. Letting fishes in them, well, i will just have the fishes i let, that’s, nothing more, and i can waite days.

Also now insulated wood elements need oil, fishes are realy needed.

That’s often the tricky side, what may work for one doesn’t not still for others. There is a nice mod correcting the bug, but it should work also without mods just to correct bugs.


All this time I have this set up. Whenever I or my buddies start the game, the nudge settings automatically switch to the game. While read-only is set. It’s a bug since the last hotfix.

Edit:Even if we set full nudity in the settings. Just leave the setting and nudity is reset again.


Single Player/Co-op?
If yes I have had the same issue since EA.
I had to modify the serversettings.ini. to get a permanent setting.


Single player / Dedicated
Previously, it has not been since the last updates.
When I set it up and locked. Similarly, the setting is reset


This has bothered me for a while with this game. There is a lack that of continuity oversight. For example:

-make heavy armor at level 10 but need thick leather. Crocs used to give thick hide before dregs was added but no more. No you need rhinos, elephants, bears, and gorillas. All very difficult at level 10.

-Khitan level 10 armor required gold dust and elephant hide (now fixed)

-at various times there were tools and weapons that unlocked before you unlocked the means of making the materials required (mostly fixed now but oil and wood buildings is a good example of this at the moment)

It is as if content decisions are being made only considering the hard access questions (is the feat available) and not the soft access questions (can a player at this level reasonably expect to acquire the prerequisites). It can be frustrating. I suppose the trick is realizing that just because you can unlock the feat at an earlier level you may not be expected to use it at that point. T2 building does not just give you access to wood, but stonebrick also. If this is intended it may be Funcom’s way of saying you should not head north until you are close to level 30.

Personally, I am not a fan of the leveled zone approach to the biomes that Funcom has adopted. It is much too close to an MMO design and does not work well on a smaller server setting. I would have preferred leveled POI instead. Individual locations would be leveled up for difficulty while every thing except for starting area would be mid tier. The server is small enough that they are close to this by default but the problem is that the volcano and star metal (two main end tier content) are concentrated in the north west of the map.

It even would have been better to make the middle of the map the most difficult so that end game happens in the middle and players are pushed to the edges of the map. Alphas in the middle can them be threatened by all sides instead of backing into corners and easily blocking key resources. At least key base materials like brimstone and iron are more scattered.


strange, had it just one time on my SP, on my server all is still fine.

I think again a twilightzone-bug more, some have it while other don’t.
On my SP i simply reset it to fullnudity, and of course have the change in my ini.
And on server-side same, have my ini on read only, also because the admin-password, i’m not willing to have to reset it at each update nor.