PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)

also directed at Spynosaur_Nicole but I can only tag 1 person in my post.
I’m not saying that you are not doing a great job on this forum but having read many of your posts, I have a questions for you: Is it too much to ask to have someone on your team replying here who actually plays the game?/ Is it too much to ask to have someone replying to us(gamers, who bought your product) who feels us, who relates to us, who knows the game, who loves the game? Thanks in advance, Skinny


It’s too bad that stellar ore does not work! Thanks for the answer.

Another question about the demonic glands.

  1. What happened, reduced their loss so much?
  2. How do you get them right? With salamindra very little and rarely fall now.
  3. Which tool to choose?


Salamanders were def the best way to get glands last time i was looking for this ingredient and the skinning knife gave me the best results, BUT i haven’t harvested a salamander for about 2-3 weeks so things might have changed and as you said, and as other players have been reporting as well, the drop rate seems to have reached a point which is ridiculously low… i don’t kow yet personnally.
In my opinion, the drop i got last time i harvested some salamanders was TOO high since i was getting like hundreds of glands without much effort/time, red imps had become kinda useless too.
I was happy with the fact we had a new possibility (with salamanders) to get glands but that many? i’m not sure…
only reducing the rate by a half or maybe 3 times lower would have been enough imo, but since i don’t know the curretl rate yet, i have no idea about how low they tried to rebalance it.

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Thanks for the answer. Maybe it was too much. Now it has become negligible. There is no balance. With 10 salamanders, if it falls out with one or two it’s already great. And drops a maximum of 8 pcs.
This is a very strong nerf and I hope this will be fixed. Even with 2-3 drops, this is something. Sometimes and with 10 nothing falls out, it’s not good.

Is that fair? FUNCOM, can u fix this game? really? this is unraidable… come on FUNCOM, thousands ppls are kiting because this kind of things, come on, do something, stop this bull dlc and work hard dudes…

by the way server 1979 SA Server

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I witness it too few weeks ago went I try to search for more, before the update i manage to find ton of those even with the hardened steel pick or lower tier, now it does not matter which tier pick I use on the salamander the volatile gland drop rate too significant low.

I didn’t write sooner because i was hoping to wait till they come back from vacation then report it straight to the main funcom team.

i found a thread about salamanders and volatile glands in case you are interested :

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Hi Melcom,
You moved my post to general discussion because it was not on topic according to you, yet you give it the title ‘opinion on hotfix’, lol
Kr, Skinny

We want new patch!

‘want’ is an understatement :slight_smile:

Should I use a sickle to harvest more? not sure if it true about the PvP Nerf because volatile drop too easy. Although I hope is a bug cause technically mean the solo player also had to get punish for it because Funcom optimize this game toward more to multiplayer then solo player end up using console admin again.

That explain the world boss is so spongy and over power.

use sickel on the salamander

Bug Report (2)
True Indigo Yield
Flawless Khitan Shield

Summary: when sickled, True Indigo plant will frequently yield Midnight Blue seeds; Flawless Khitan Shield is missing from the capabilities of Irniz of the Furnace.

Steps to repeat seeds

  1. Steel sickle, add T2 (steel) tool improvement
  2. Sickle True Indigo plants
  3. Gain many Midnight Blue seeds (which is nice)

Steps to repeat shield

  1. Gather Irniz of the Furnace (T4 Armorer)
  2. Place her on bench
  3. Try to craft Flawless Khitan Shield
  4. Settle for Exceptional instead, as you only have her so far :frowning:

any news about patch? game is dead


server 1979 SA is bugged, nothing taking damage, mobs are imortal and people too, SO THEY ARE BE ABLE TO RAID EVERYTHING WITHOUT A FIGHT COME ON FUNCOM