[PC] How to disable quick-look dialog, or change the dialog hotkeys?

I have a screenshot of this, but am not allowed to upload it.

I have many of my keys remapped, specifically the “Use” key (Interact) is mapped to “F”. Now, when I hover over containers or corpses, a new quick-loot dialog pops up. The hotkey for the “loot all” action of that dialog is showing “F” … this means that I can no longer open up the container. Every time I press “F”, the loot all action happens… this is SUPER annoying…

How can I change the key mapping for those quick-loot dialog windows? If I am already using “F” as the Use key, then I do not want it to also be the hotkey to “loot all”.

I don’t think you can, it seems they limited the number of customizable keybinds to make it simplified for consoles =(