[PC] Hueco Mundo - Isle Of Men - Now PvE

My previous server thread was auto-closed so I’m setting up another as I’ve made a number of changes to the server configuration and installed mods.

In short, I’ve switched the server to PvE and installed a bunch of building and decoration mods. Come explore the Isle of Men and build the beautiful jungle palace of your dreams.

Installed mods are:

  • Pippi
  • Hosav’s UI
  • Fashionist
  • IQOL
  • Shani’s Stuff
  • Northern Timber
  • Sand and Stone
  • AG - Architecture
  • Emberlight
  • Deco and Placeables
  • Beyond Decor
  • Happy Little Trees
  • Desert Town

Server configs are as follows:

  • XP is only awarded for killing
  • Harvest 3x
  • Max clan size 3
  • 8 day decay timer
  • Purge can occur at any time but requires minimum one player to be online