[PC] Indomitable Will [PvP 3x Gather] (Oceania, Weekend only raiding, 24/7PvP)

Any oceanics here?

I recently rented a server for myself and some friends to play on because of how full some of the servers are. At the moment it’s 3x gather and 1.5x exp, but I’m open to change the settings down a bit (or up) based on what people like

if you’re in the oceanic area (the server is hosted in sydney) and would like to play on a 24/7 pvp server with weekend raiding, the server name is Indomitable Will.

I spent about 200 bucks making the server top notch, got all the best specs for the machine the server is hosted on, and it’s the only game running on it (apparently) so there should be minimal lag. I have it set to auto restart at midnight AEST every day to ensure the stability of the server.

Right now it’s capped at 30 players (i don’t expect many people to be clambering to get in) but it’s extremely fresh with almost no dumb noobcubes built anywhere (i haven’t seen any yet after exploring).