[PC] Isle of Firefang - A Unique Conan Exiles Experience - Siptah

We believe that the realms of PVP, PVE and RP can exist all within one sever. After playing thousands of hours of Conan Exiles, from Official PVP, PVE, to private RP servers, we have realized that there was something special missing from the servers we played on. The sense of exploration, mystery, freedom of choice and delving into the unknown had become lost in the grind for materials, graveyard of raided bases, or massive lists of admin created server rules.

Firefang is aiming to provide a seamless, free choice world in which you are able to play how you want to play without being punished by a harsh rule set. Do you feel like sitting around the Pippijack typing /me for hours? Do you enjoy filling vaults with sweet loot? Maybe you like leading raids on dungeons and epic boss fights? Or you could be the type that just wants to watch something burn!

The Isle of Firefang is dangerous. There are traps, puzzles, triggered events and bosses that take cooperative efforts to deal with. The nights are dark, long, and cold. The maelstrom events are a real threat, sending out chilling storm winds across the island. The enemies you will encounter on the Isle of Firefang are burtal and ruthless.

Our custom factions provide a foundation for players to build their character from and a sense of story progression and role play. Our Mushi scripts encourage player interaction and cooperation.

What you can expect in terms of gameplay:
-Active admins and support
-Zero tolerance for trolls, exploiters, and griefers
-Slow, meaningful progression, choice making and character growth
-Organic roleplay
-Relaxed PVP
-Auto-lock, Gods and building damage are disabled
-Custom boss fights, dungeons, puzzles, raids, quests, professions, loot, kits and recipes
-A dynamic, evolving world
-Triggered events
-Custom factions with unique access to feats and custom recipes
-Hidden merchants
-Bounties (PVP and PVE)
-Mushi scripts that allow you to pickpocket, search areas, inspect items, dig for loot, use spyglasses to search for treasure, fish and more!
-Easter eggs such as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Yennefer and Geralt from The Witcher, Old Greg, Sylvanas and Thrall from WoW and more!
-More to come!

The server is still fairly new and being developed. Suggestions and feedback is welcome!

Have fun!

-Master Tracker Modo + Lady Aevellyn

The factions are:

  1. Seekers - Seekers are relic hunters and loot oriented puzzle solvers. Jobs will be posted for the Seekers on a regular basis for members to complete. These jobs tend to be more puzzle based and non combat oriented. Seekers do not have a private faction hall yet as they operate out of The Camp of Castaways. Seekers will also have more opportunities for wealth as treasures are hidden all throughout the island only accessible to Seekers. Seekers are also the only faction that can dig. Dig sites are throughout the Isle of Siptah where Seekers can dig in the ground for loot. Seekers currency is eldarium.

  2. Arcanists - Arcanists is a faction of the arcane magics. The Arcane have access to unique spells and items. The Arcane have their own private faction hall where they control the Eldritch forges. Arcane get better odds of inspecting ancient artifacts and magical things like portals and monoliths. Arcanists are capable of changing their appearance to hide their true identity (transmogs), summoning followers from portals and other artifacts and using teleportation spells. The Arcanists can conjure food and water! Even mana cookies! Arcanist currency is Eldritch powder.

  3. Runner’s Enclave (NPC faction) - The first rule of the Enclave is…do not talk about the Enclave! This faction does a mix of things all of which are kept a secret and only members of the Enclave will know what is going on. The Runner’s Enclave deals mainly in scrim.

  4. Redwood Spirit Sanctuary - The Redwood Sanctuary members are shapeshifters, shamans, and guardians. This faction has their own private faction area with access to unique items, spells, shapeshifting abilities, mounts, buffs, custom recipes and more. Members of this faction are capable of crafting custom recipes at cook stations and summoning animal companions as followers. The Redwood Spirit Sanctuary’s currency is soul essence and other essences.

  5. The Dark Order - This faction is being reworked.

  6. The Monster Hunters. As the name suggests, they track and hunt monsters! Monster Hunters will be able to track scents and foot prints of beasts and monsters. They use magic and alchemy to aid them in luring and defeating the most impossible odds! The Monster Hunters operate out of many locations. They have their own private faction hall, retreat, and a strong presence at the Camp of Castaways. Monster Hunters primary focus is PvE gameplay - vanquishing large beasts and creatures that are triggered around the isle. Monster Hunters will be responsible for organizing and hosting raids and other missions. The Monster Hunter’s currency is in corroded coins.

Factions are groups you can join regardless of your clan affiliation or status. There are 4 playable factions in the game so far and one NPC faction. Joining a faction will give you access to unique abilities, feats, spells, weapons, armors, mounts, buffs, kits, quest lines, and more! Each faction is slightly different in terms of goals and game play, so there should be a bit of everything for each type of player.

For the majority, each faction has three ranks. Some factions are more difficult to join than others, the Dark Order being the most difficult as their requirements are somewhat of a mystery. The ranks within the factions are just another progression system to go along side EEWA and other mods we are using. Raising your rank within a faction will unlock new kits, custom recipes, and quests.

This server is intended for mature players. Anyone that cannot prove good sportsmanship and friendly game etiquette will be removed from the server without warning.

PVP is enabled 24/7
Building damage is disabled
Avatars disabled
Auto lock disabled
1x rates

Discord: https://discord.gg/NmgdBkHKQe

Server Name: Isle of Firefang
Server IP:
Map: Isle of Siptah

Server Mod list:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Have fun!

Updated mods. Added Exiles Extreme, EE Feat Blocker, DungeonMasterTools and added offline raid protection.

We also opened an Exiled Lands server.

Added Kerozards Paragon leveling - A Multigun Refresh along with extended attributes to level 100 and removed the vanilla attribute cap on both servers.

Also added EEWA, ModControlPanel, SandstormEX, SandstormFix, SnowstormEX to the Exiled Lands server.

EEWA has been implemented on the Siptah server. Created new factions for players to join.

Major work has been done with Mushi scripts. Added 6 major faction quest lines, digging, fishing, searching mechanics, and more!

Created the Monster Hunter faction.

Added mods:
-Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped!
-Ravencrest Couriers

Developed three areas as social/player interaction hubs. Camp of the Castaways is the main hub for all your daily needs. You will find a lot of the beginning quest lines there as well as merchants and fun mini games. These areas are neutral zones where fighting is strongly discouraged and meaningful player interaction between factions can take place.

We still have an Exiled Lands server but have been focusing our time and effort on developing Siptah. Hopefully when the ability to cluster servers is available we plan on connecting the two worlds.

Moved the Monster Hunter faction out of Camp of Castaways and into their own faction hall. Working on expanding the Arcanist workshop and quest line and added fishing holes to the map.

The Monster Hunters are recruiting!

Happy new year!

-Created new dig script. Dig sites now have three layers to dig through. Risk and reward increases with each layer.

-Added Basic, Epic, and Legendary fishing holes.

-Expanded the Redwood Sanctuary.

-The mod list has changed. Removed the prestige leveling mod, Sky Island, and Krabbit Exiles Towns as they were causing issues/not being used.

Added mod “Severe Weather”. This changes the lighting significantly on Siptah. The nights are extremely dark, making torches very useful and night eye/night stalker items highly sought after.

This also brings temperature and weather back into play as certain areas of the map can become extremely cold.

Players have started building outposts for warmth and shelter

Added mod - Less Building Placement Restrictions(LBPR) - Additional Features to compliment the already existing mod, Less Building Placement Restrictions(LBPR).

Added mod - Immersive Armor

Added mod - Barbarian Barber

Added mod - Age of Calamitous

Added mod - Bodyworks

Also, building damage has been disabled.

-Age of Calamitous factions and sub faction quests have been setup. Joining a faction and sub faction is now possible.

-Disabled fatigue and disease systems of Bodyworks (until they are further balanced.)

-Added mod - Roleplay Redux

*Edit - Bodyworks has updated with a fix. Fatigue is enabled.