[PC] Isle of Firefang - When Worlds Collide - Siptah

Added The Silk Road - a neutral market for players to buy, sell and trade, set up their own shops and merchants.

Added a new activity - Tomb Raiding. Craft yourselves some crowbars and head on out to The Ruins of X’Chotl! There are over 50 tombs to find!

There has been talk of the Enclave and the Dark Order working together on the East side of the island.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Clyde are setting up shop for their next heist and have enlisted the help of the now all grown up Little Rascals! Featuring…

Froggy! He will buy your lizards!

The one and only, love-struck, Alfalfa! (Still hung up on Darla).

There is a new type of dig site that will interest Seekers, radium gem sites. These sites yield radium gems and other materials that can be sold or traded for rare items.

And of course, The Bridge of Death! Answer the Bridge Keeper’s 5 questions, sorry, 3 questions and you may cross…if you dare!