PC June Update - Discussion Megathread

3 items …

  • armor…

Really 2128 cr? :rofl:


Are you surprised? As far as I know they haven’t been able to move the decimal point on the low tier Cimmerian NPC settings for months, so they still have a ridiculous resistance to damage.


Sad part is plenty of people will jump on it.

I wouldn’t spend 300 croms on it. My second big issue with the bazaar. In my opinion the pricing is beyond absurd. But if a good portion of people weren’t buying content at those prices, they’d adjust them.

My issue is the huge variation in pricing. We went from the Yam Expansion set (which was reasonable in my opinion at 1.2K) to this which is valued as nearly twice as much?

Really? Put the hashpipe down son.


Its not even like legal fukin pricing

I screened that idiotism, because for that fukin price i can actually buy 3 or 6 conan exile main bases, i even did reported it to every dev i was able even some i did in they dm and i got answer that funcom is aware of that stupidity but that was like whole age before… they had 1 year or more to fix prices, it was once normal they had euros, dollars, liras, hryvnas and other values of world money

What makes me fukin angry, is that they literally now is milking users like cows because in time when steam regions was merged, they addapted only steam page not actual ingame shop…

So steam game is regional priced while, while all bazzar sits on USA dollars not the new steam region dollars…


this was answer from high saint


dated 14 feb

I get its steam and so on , but how is INGAME market that ignores steam pricing regional a steam issue?


Game price on region merge went up 50% OK fine, but then the damn CR should go up 50% not 250%


This was 4.99 , 9,99 , 19,99 , 25,99 ( regionaled… )

Then steam merged small countries into one

And funcom did changed main game price to new added mega region like in first screen

BUT changed INGAME shop to USA prices… not to fit new region…

To fit new region and how much it is based on dollar comparsion and others
USA actual game price full price is 39.99$
Not like you can see in new region 18.99 $

so 5040 CR is 34.99 IF its USA region of 39.99$
So to fit New region where main game price is 18.99$
It should be like
1200 CR =4.99$
2640 CR = 9.99$
5040 CR = 19,99$
7800 CR = 29,99$

Because now for those stupid 4 items added i literally can buy
5 main games while conan is on discount
So to how i see its just brutal ignoring of regions, because this was issue way back, but then it took 2 weeks for funcom to fit regional prices, But now when steam merged regions, it stays USA , and only actual good explanation is that the new region includes rich and poor countries inside, thus it is giving like one cant buy on these prices while others can… But to me 50$ so far is like week money i can spend…

hello, any unlisted change on yesterday hotfix?

this has to be the most laughable cash grab in gaming industry to date. for that price i can go ahead and buy actual video games that are on discount on steam RIGHT NOW… absolutely insane, out of touch and disconnected from reality. good grief… YET… we’re still falling through floors. we’re still having issues with inventory being buggy mess that it is. game is losing more and more players with each passing day and then they have the gal to show up and say that game is not in maintenance mode? what did Conan fanbase do to deserve to be abandoned like this? where’s the Q&A they promised weeks ago? not a peep since.

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They know exactly what they’re doing. And frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with it. They’re aiming at different groups of players with those prices. The Yamatai expansion set is one of the precious few offerings aimed at people like me. The rest is aimed at people who keep the revenue flow where Funcent needs it to be. :man_shrugging:

Not really, Yamatai temple is, but maybe they just made very look a like similar thing


Basically Yamatai temple from conan , looks kinda too similar to this one that is Unreal engine assets and free to get to make mods or game using this

Its not i am saying they did took free assets and made it in conan by changing a bit and then asking money for it, but now after more than year they not fixing prices, and sells 3 items + armor for literally 20 $ is kinda , well i maybe start to believe it

i shouldnt ,

long live mediocrity. that is what we are dealing with.
i will be ok even with their bazaar prices, if they were taking the fixing of the game seriously, obvilously not.

it looks like their play is to squeeze money as much as they can and let the game die, (but with the most ammount of money they can get)

you are right about the cimmerians. i did forgot about that.

its sad seen funcom play with their loyal fans like this. i am totally dissapointed with them. i am hanging due to friends that still plays , and we have been playing since launch. but really you can notice i am now slowly getting away even from the forums.

it looks like it is a waste of time, they dont read , they dont listen, they barely answer, and it seems they dont care…

it also looks like we are indeed in maintance mode, despite they saying otherwise, but you know people and corporations do lie, (sadly i think thats the case with funcom)

my theory is that this game is now to its limits of what it can handle, or they are unable to fix some of the major issues, so they probably giving up, and trying to focus in their next best thing : DUNE.

in the meantime they probably plan to keep flooding bazaar , to squeeze as much as they can… i really wish to be proven wrong. maybe @CodeMage could ?

have a great weekend! stay safe!

I like much of the content from the Bazaar, to be honest. But I don’t like the prices. I just can’t justify spending so much on so little, especially when it’s rented access. I’d love to buy more content from them but until/unless the prices are more reasonable to me, I won’t.

Build sets are the most reasonable of the bunch and why I usually do get those. So I guess we’re close to the same kind of player, maybe.


I don’t like them, either. But that’s just the way I am. Others are okay with the prices, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I look at it like LEGOs. I absolutely love LEGO Technic sets, but they’re pricey, so I generally don’t buy them. Yes, I know that USD700 is not a steep price to pay for a set that has 2883 pieces and a motor that can be remotely controlled, but I just can’t make myself spend that much money on it.

But there are people who can and do and I don’t often hear people judge them the way we judge video game whales. And I haven’t heard anyone call LEGO pricing “predatory”, which is a word gamers like to throw around indiscriminately.

Funcom’s Bazaar has a bunch of dark patterns and predatory practices, but the high prices are not one of them. (The so-called “bundle discounts” are, but that’s a different story.)