[PC] Kingdom of Strife (24/7 PVP, Everyday Raid, 3x EXP/Harvest, Free-for-All, America CST)

Server Name: Kingdom of Strife (PVP/Raid) For Everyone!
Server IP: []
Server Region: America (CST)
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Zwjj59T8

PVP/ Everyday raid (Mon-Fri 6pm to 11 pm and Sat-Sun 3pm-12am CST)
Exp rate x3
Harvest rate x3
Crafting speed 0.5
Thall/animal crafting 0.25
Material costs for Craft 0.5
Stamina regeneration time 0.5
Purge enabled lvl 4
Max clan size 10 people (can be changed to 15)
70 Slots (can be changed to 80)

Warmest welcome to Newcomers in Kingdom of Strife!
Launching on 3/25/2021! Join the server now!

24/7 PVP, everyday Raid, 3x harvest and EXP, faster thrall craft, and more!

Server Rules is posted on discord.

Discord is always available for News & Updates related to the Server and the game.
*Joining Discord Is recommended for Playing on the Server for announcements.!