[PC] Korrupt Kingdoms. Fresh server, active admin, custom dungeons. PvE-C Weekdays, PvP Weekends (see post)

Korrupt Kingdoms is a fresh server with an active admin that adds new content often. The server is new, and still being developed daily but essentially this is a PVE-C server with raiding available on weekends, however both parties need to consent first through discord, so you don’t need to worry about being offline raided. As you can see from our Ad, we run a variety of mods, most notably we have custom dungeons created by a modder that plays on the server. Most settings are official however harvest is 1.0x, to make the grind last longer and feel more rewarding.There is lots of content to complete after level 60, and before you reach level 60 too. If you have any further questions feel free to ping the Founder on the discord. To see our full advertisement, join the discord and go to #conan-exiles

Discord: WkBv37c

Direct connect: