[PC] Lawless Sands v2 PvE-C RP/Builder Modded AUS Boosted Magic

"Greetings Exiles

The Lawless Sands beckons you, to forge your own path in the wake of dire odds. Fight for your survival, and make your mark on this vast space and vibrant community!"

Server History

Lawless Sands was started in Nov 2019 as a PvE-C server with no thrall limit. Since then it has never been wiped, and we never plan to. We have had many fantastic players pass through and make their marks on the landscape and we seek to add even more! Recently we had a revamp of the server settings and mods, to provide a better experience for roleplayers and builders. The server is hosted by Blukat Industries, via powerful personal hardware, and is NOT rented, ergo, the server isn’t going anywhere.

Server Details

  • Harvest x6, XP x2, Resource re-spawn x2
  • Max lvl 300
  • LONG Decay timer
  • Roleplayer friendly
  • Friendly builder admin
  • Start kit to get you going
  • Server economy with player market and traders
  • Plenty of public builds for all to enjoy (see images below)
  • Slightly buffed Purges for an extra challenging experience
  • No thrall or pet limit
  • Map rooms at all OBs, bridges and lifts dotted around the map for all to use

Server Mods

Discord: https://discord.gg/jf9qdET
Server IP:

That’s very nice, is this server still up for Conan Exiles?

Its been running and active since November 2019 :slight_smile:

If you cant see it on the list of servers, I recommend trying the IP direct connection through steam :slight_smile:

Magic is coming! We intend on making it’s introduction as lore friendly as possible.

New promotional banner!

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