(PC) Lewd, Home Away from Home (Adult) PVE (E) RP

Do you love big servers? Tons of folks on all the time? Quests? All server run and server focused activities?
Well we are the other guys.

Lewd your home away from home.

Laid back environment.
Come build your summer vacation palace
Where you can kick back and relax with your clan mates, buddies and ■■■ slaves.

Enjoy the slow pace of lazy summer days.
There is no grater joy then punishing I mean disciplining your slaves while sipping a beverage of choice

Most are welcome on Lewd and if you’re not you know who you are.

We have a smaller mod list but will be open to adding a few in the future. Come build and enjoy.

Current mod list on discord.

RP is freestyle however recommendations to use C.L.A. for the purists

Rules are simple
Adults only 21+ preferred
Respect others on the server.
No kink shaming.
Don’t be a douche canoe

Life is short have fun. Being built on playful banter, fun conversation and new friends
discord pf6Uemn