[PC] LF Casual, Critter-Friendly PvE server w/ no mods

What the title says. Ideally I’d like to find a mod-free relaxed PvE server that doesn’t mind occasional RP, but that doesn’t hold events on tues or thurs eves, because, critical role.

Bonus points if there’s a clan or existing community of fellow critters setting up shop, to hang with, commiserate and create with. Extra bonus points for gentle game settings- keep equip on death, logged out player doesn’t remain in world, boosted harvesting and xp. (Super extra pts for an associated discord.)

Looking forward to making some new nerd-tastic friends! Feel free to reply with links, thanks!

My server is a PVP, but it fits everything else that you are looking for. :slight_smile: Find us at No mods allowed

You can find us at and join our Discord at discord.gg/3U6c88s