[PC] LFG/Online Mature PVE Server (Active/Casual Player)

Good Morning,

Seems the server I was on has died. I am now looking for another that is mature/adult oriented. Drama is not my thing. As a former Goon in Eve I am fine with shenanigans, language and a host of other activities. Internet Rangers, online tough guys, and ego whisperers can pound sand.

I am on daily for 2-3 hours in the evening and most of the day on my 2-days off. I am retired military now working for the railroad so my schedule is not conducive to PVP (though I am a fan). PVE is a better fit for me currently. I am primarily a solo player but have no issues with groups or clans. I don’t join in-game groups until I get a feel for the group due to the population of entitled clowns that live in their own bubbles in today’s society.

Thank you in advance if you decide to grace my post with your illustrious online presence with a response (I will cherish it always; perhaps I will screenshot it and mount it on my wall). I would appreciate it if you place your server settings in the response.