PC LIve bug report

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Misc

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Exceptional & flawless Vanir Settlers Breeches do not show up on your character (Female)

No True Indigo seeds?

In the area just north of Muriela’s Hope, North of the second oasis pool, a rhino and a baby rhino spawn

Link to picture:


The exceptional vanir settlers breeches show up on my female character. I’m on the testlive build though, looks like you’re not, according to the version provided.

Nope I am on LIVE but good to know they are working in test live probably mean that they will work in live tomorrow THanks

Oh yeah, you did mention Live in the heading, I missed that.

Yeah, that Rhino that spawns stuck in the rock has been reported, as has the lack of indigo seeds. Pretty sure farming was only 90% implemented when update #33 went live.

Thanks Ran-san, I was soooo worried about that baby rhino, it is just tear jerking…I HAVE to kill both of them as mercy…

The baby seems to get out…sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. The big one, however, is permastuck. I have (er, HAD…RIP #403), to go past them dozen times or so a day to either get to my elevator to the north, or to my teleport map.