PC - Looking for friendly community

I am looking for a fun friendly community to be apart of. Whether it is a clan on an official pvp server or a private dedicated server either way is fine. I am looking for normal rates and other settings comparable to official servers. I have a lot of hours logged on survival based games, and really enjoy all aspects of the genre PVE and PVP. My steam name is [HARK] Skrubs*.

Hi Skrubs, come check us out at Silver Sun Exiles, I think we are exactly what you’re looking for. All settings are on official rates (except gods)
We have an amazing community because of our policy of player freedom, people have to work together and keep a tight knit community.

We have a public crafting area (at the sentinal statues) for new players and public map rooms scattered around the map. Clans generally follow the golden rule but there are some villains from time to time so, always be aware of your surroundings.

Server IP:

Server discord:

Hope to see you soon.