PC: Misc Stone Object of Death?

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Bug

Not sure if this is a bug or not, to be honest. Found a stone object in a cave up north that activating apparently just murders me. Not a big deal, plenty of things kill me, but this one doesn’t leave a body to recover. Mere contact with the object is not enough to produce the effect. It looks like something that might do something if activated, and sure enough, attempting to activate it leads to a load screen (at first I though I had found the entrance to some kind of dungeon). The first time I activated it, I went through the load screen and reappeared naked at a bedroll I left way in the south - no death message. After making my way back north (shortened by suiciding and respawning at a bed I had much closer), I saw I had no body, and attempted to activate the object again, ready for death this time. Sure enough, I went to a load screen, and respawned back at my bed this time - where a death message told me I had been killed by “Lopsang,” myself. Wanting to confirm this and investigate further (and get screenshots) I went up a third time. Took a screenshot of the object, moved around it a bunch to make sure there was no other environmental trigger there, and then activated the object again. This time, I went to a load screen for a few seconds, appeared in an empty space with a couple of other dead bodies, and then went to another load screen, respawned at my bed, and was told I had been killed by the cursed wall.

Repro steps:

  1. Travel to the cave in the north. Stairs lead you straight to it. If I can’t figure out how to upload the screenshot of the map, it’s straight Northeast from Coldfish Camp, across the lake.
  2. Go inside the cave. It is very short. Find the strange stone carving at the back.
  3. Press the activation button while looking at the stone.
  4. Die.

Well, tried to post links to screenshots, can’t do that either. Can’t upload. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

This seems to be a similar issue to where upon entering the Dragonsmouth cave, you’re teleported into the cursed wall and die.

I believe this is because some areas are still locked. It should be fixed at full release on the 8th.

In the bug report about Dragonsmouth a comment says the devs did it on purpose, to troll paying customers for no reason apparently.