[PC] Missing favorites servers after the update [Technical Question]


I have not played since March this year, now I wanted to return to the server, but I did not find it in the favorites! It happened after the update in 18GB installed by me today. To my great regret, I so vaguely remember the name of the server that I could not find it.
The game was not reinstalled and did not move (a separate disk). Logs of errors are preserved, but I did not find the addresses of the server, maybe I was not looking there.

Question: how can I find out the address of the server or the name on which I played for a long time? He was in the favorites, but is now not available after the update. Can I see the connection address on some client logs? I know the connection days, should there be a log somewhere?

Thanks and apologies, if such a question is repeated, I did not find anything in the FAQ, nor on search.