PC MOD Redundancy, or, MOD Addiction Counseling

I’m rather new to the whole modding thing and, as such, I kind of went a tad overboard when I saw the available selection. After some time of weeding through the ones that simply won’t work/crash, etc., I finally settled on a list that seems to (so far) play nicely together.

This has presented me with a staggering number of options when it comes to placeables; a number that will surely take me a great deal of time to go through thoroughly. So my question is thus…given my list of currently installed mods (see below), are there any that are super redundant or completely unnecessary due to another mod already possessing that feature/placeable, etc.?

Immerse RP (Frightnight & Placebles)
Dark Desires
Dungeon Master Tools
Seed Table
Possibly installing SFXMod

Seems to be fine. Though I would recommend putting Pippi at the top. Even the mod devs suggest doing this.

Though i will say this, your mod list is looking light compared to most. In the future you’ll probably find even more mods that tickle your fancy. When you do just keep this in mind:

Keep Pippi at the top of the list.
Then any mods that modify or add new buildings, armors, weapons, etc.
Mods that add new systems (like Conan Sexiles or Roleplay)
Overhaul mods (like Age of Calamitous)
Mods that affect characters (IQOL)
Mods that affect UI (Hosav’s UI, Highly Recommended mod btw)
Less Building Placement Restrictions comes after the building mods
Pickup+ or Unlock Plus (don’t run both!) after LBPR

If any mods match more than one of those criteria, put it in the lower of the criteria.

How mod loading works is it loads them in order, with the mod being loaded last overwriting whatever the previous did if they interact with the same thing.

This is why Pickup+/Unlock Plus is loaded near the bottom. You want it below building additions so it will work with them. Otherwise you’ll only be able to pick up vanilla/DLC structures.

Two mods I’ve had some issues with in the past is Emberlight and Age of Calamitous (I dunno if the OP is interested in AoC, but for anyone else that is, here you go). If loaded in the wrong order, non-human NPCs don’t attack properly, they’ll aggro and follow the player but will not attack. If you see this, you will need to adjust the order a bit. In my experience running AoC below Emberlight works.

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I’ll try to keep that in mind. Rather new to it all so any input is always appreciated.

I kept it light intentionally as I’m not sure what the system can and can’t handle. I’ve seen plenty of other mods I want, just figured it may be prudent to go in increments. There’s also a few I’ve tried to load and they seemed to simply freeze up the game before it even launches so I’ve had to nix several unfortunately.

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how would you envision my particular list, order wise?

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