PC Mods updater on any server freezes game

**Game mode:(all except| Single-player)]
**Type of issue: Crash/freeze
Server type: all server types
**Region: west coast

after game loads going into any server list , prior to loading server now getting error mods dont match on any online server as if they hadnt already downloaded , and freezes screen on checking for mods update , nothing works everything freezes game on screen as if it is checking for mod updates which have already downloaded before.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced.

1.load game , select play online , select pvp or pve
2. server load , select server with character already active ,
3. says mods do not match , it starts mod downloader
4. freezes game

MK, can you get with the server admin/owner and validate two things?

Load order and version for every mod.

Something may have changed on the server.



wating on a reply , thank you for your help Sir.

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Pippi mod (3.2.5 currently) is all he mentioned

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