PC Mortalis Pve-Conflict 2x All XP /---Fresh Server



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The server has been updated. Enjoy!


Hail and well met, Adventurer!
Join our 30 player, west coast server for PC. PVE-Conflict (our server is pve but with timed pvp, weekdays 1800-2000, and weekends 1800-2200…all PST). No building damage, short nights, slightly increased stamina, item durability increased, crafting speed increased, 2X xp boost, and a few other slight boosts. We also have Discord going. I will slightly modify the server to what the player base wants, in good time.
No blocking of nodes, pathways, roads, passes, rivers, or streams. Server admins are usually on nightly, and off and on during the day. As the lore says, and as Crom, I do not interfere with man…unless I absolutely have to fix something! Quick server reboot, every week, on Monday, at 3am PST.
Join Mortalis!


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So far the small player base is really spread out. Tons of great spots left for your fortress or hovel!


can you contact me? I think the purge timer is broken or needs to be manually triggered. My group has been playing on your server the past 2 weeks and I haven’t managed to run into any admins. There’s actually a few new groups on there so you might want to check it out.


Anyone got this guys ,discord?