[PC] Murphys Wasteland! New Server with boosted rates! Dedicated Modder!

Hello fellow Exiles! Murphys Wasteland is a newly created server, with several quality of life improvements including 2X XP, 0.5 crafting COST and 3X harvesting! We are also lucky enough to have our very own, dedicated modder, who actively plays and directly responds to feedback and suggestions! We have included this mod already, which is always being improved with feedback and suggestions from the community!

The current Mod List is as follows: Northern Timber, IQOL, DyeMoreBetterer, RP Aesthetics, Better Thralls, ThrallSideKick, citylife, BBjigglePhysics, Shaved and Oiled, Pickup+, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Pippi, Savage Steel (1 & 2), Fasionist, and Rokorium Exiles!

Some highlights provided by these mods are: Reduced Item weight, max of 10 thralls on follow and complete customization of all thralls! Our own exclusive mod, Rokorium Exiles provides weapons and tools that effectively make gather rates 10X!

This server is PVP enabled, all the time, with building damage limited to certain times throughout the week and weekend (we all have lives to live!). Some like to build and be creative, and others like to go toe-to-toe with other Exiles; whatever your style of play, you are welcome to join Murphys Wasteland!

DM on discord for details and questions! Draug_Racalo_Morlindele#3596

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Great Server! Honesty the number of us playing actively on the server are looking to host major events. Admin created conjunctive Arena matches with legendary rewards for clan contestants who fight and survive through the challenges. Currently in the process of building an Admin city with Thespians who can trade and barter, live economy built for players to work in their favor. ETC… Admins are open to making the best experience for anyone on server.


Hey all, Draug here - just wanted to say that our server is open to all and all are welcome! We are always looking to add to our community! Feel free to join and have a look around!