[PC] - NA FAIL Server

Server: [NA]FailGaming’s Exiled:

Server Admins: TehG00SE, Kibbz

Notable Server Options It’s worth noting, we are not huge on effecting the way the game is currently set up to be played, we will slowly fine tune, as we see fit. We don’t want the game to be too easy/casual, or rush to endgame with nothing to do

Type: PvP


Wipes: We currently have no plans to schedule server wipes; however be warned, large patches may not leave us with a choice

Battleye: ON ||

Sandstorm: ON || Currently Enabled

Max Clan Size: 15 || Group Hug?

Maximum Nudity: ON || All the dongs

Scripts: A few || We run a script/launcher that auto boots server on crashing, auto updates, and several other features. Updates are announced via Discord as in game announcements are currently not availiable

Experience Rates: Vanilla || We do not want people rushing to endgame content yet. We WILL be doing EXP Events though

Day/Night: Defaulted ||

Multipliers: Vanilla || All ingame Stam/Health/Water/Thirst/Crafting/Damage/Etc multipliers are defaults for now.

Installed Mods (in order) - Pippi & Emberlight

Server Rules The main rule we focus, is to not be a dick; however people define being a dick in alot of different ways, so we came up with the list below, some may seem repeated, thats mainly because someone* doesn’t ever seem to get it!*

If you don’t know, DON’T.

Common Sense! - USE IT. Just because a “Rule is not here” does not mean you should be an idiot. Billy is an idiot, don’t be like Billy

You may not block or claim Caves as your own (Currently) - You may build near them, you can put “beds” near them, as long as you don’t go out of your way to restrict access to anyone but yourself or your clan.

This also goes for large NPC/Lore Areas. - Thralls are more-or-less required to progress in the game. We will remove bases that abuse this, and we can do this WITHOUT WARNING. Refer to Rule number 1 and contact us if there is a location you want to know about.

BLOCKING OFF ACCESS TO IMPORTANT AREAS OF THE MAP WITH WALLS WILL RESULT IN EVERYTHING BEING KNOCKED DOWN WITHOUT WARNING. You are more than welcome to block off access to your base, just do it within reason, and don’t do it in a way that entirely blocks people access to a large area of the map.

Clarification on Building Restrictions All cliff bases must have stair connections (no more removing stairs at night). You may not spam foundations along rivers, patches, etc for lighting or any other means, this disrupts creatures that may spawn along that river/path/etc. If you have a land locked area on a mountain or ridge that is fine, however taking over entire sections of the map, and major paths is prohibited You absolutely cannot build with the intention to disrupt thrall camps. You can also not do this on accident. (You will receive a warning to correct/move). Just because an area such as the NPC ship allows you to place a foundation, bed, etc does not mean you can. You are welcome to place these at a distance away (Think 30+ Foundations away from where the “disallowed” zone ends. ) Don’t spam global chat. - Chatting is fine, needless debates and bickering is not. You can use local chat or clan chat!. Overly abusive in global can result in a mute or a ban….or something more comical

No cheating/hacking/abusing bugs - … obvious rule is obvious.

Report bugs, don’t abuse them. - We prefer people report issues to us in Discord. As we do like to play the game too, but we will not fault people who ask for us in game… we understand frustration :-p

PvP Focused -

Rules Let’s talk about this in great detail. As server owners, we don’t want people griefing needlessly just to be jerks. However, we will NOT immediately step in if you were raided, or killed while offline. The game was designed with the option to leave your lifeless body asleep in game when you log off to generate this added risk. We are well aware of this. We do frown on people killing and completely destroying bases, but we are not going to step in for every case. Let us know. When this becomes excessive, we WILL step in. There is no reason to continue killing the same person over and over, although this will be handled case by case. If this is a clan war over territory or what not, we will let it play out. If it is a clan needlessly demolishing anyone and everything while they are offline and “abusing” the opportunity just to measure their e-peen then we will step in. We try to keep things as realistic as possible, but at the same time, we are also hosting a server, that requires a population. Though usually viewed a bit more hardcore than most, we draw a smaller crowd (less casual), we do not wish to chase people off the server just to maintain realism. We do not want to KICK or BAN anyone. However we WILL kick and or ban people hurting the community as a whole.

PvP is allowed. Raiding is allowed. - Build smart, play smart.

Offline Raiding: is allowed

100% Destroying Bases: is NOT ALLOWED - Don’t test my level of commitment by destroying 90%…

Raiding is ALLOWED.

Destroying Boxes: is ALLOWED.

Destroying Crafting/Storage/Etc Stations: is ALLOWED.

Killing Tralls: is ALLOWED.

Raiding a base to be an ■■■■■■■: is NOT ALLOWED. - If you are raiding a base, and the entire time doing so, talking trash, insulting, going above and beyond to ruin your victim, and other players experience on the server, you are no longer playing the game, you are acting out some issues you have in real life, and you can kindly do those else where. Will never be tolerated

Being “That Guy”" is NOT ALLOWED - *“That Guy” is the guy that goes on a tirade every time he is legit raided; no rules were broke, but you feel you are the victim and have to yell at everyone. Just like we don’t want the ■■■■■■■■ ruining your gaming experience, we also don’t want the overly nice guys that cant exactly handle a PVP server to ruin your time either. You can be salty, …but then refer back to … “Don’t be a dick”. Resources Claiming - We do not mind clans taking over resources within reason (be aware, building near them could stop them from spawning). However, when it comes to rare resources such as thralls, we will be a little more active with. If you have taken over or blocked off, or built on (stopped spawn) of thralls, we will likely step in.

Compound Raiding - DON’T DO IT. Compound raiding is raiding the same base over and over before it’s inhabitants have time to rebuild. Fall under the don’t be a dick rule… but still.

KOS - Nothing against it, however, Going around killing noobs constantly will gain admin attention. We like people playing here. If you add some kind of dialog to your combat, you may have more fun. Try it!

About Fail Gaming

As a Tribe: we are aggressive, we generally mark our territory with flags and/or signs. We are Generally KOS, however with new game, we are a little bit more understanding. We don’t generally go out of our way to kill people, but will if we don’t feel we are secure or safe. We will put away our weapons from time to time to make good trades, but they will usually be 1 sided. We will raid bases, we don’t have much use for dead bodies or beds, so we don’t generally kill sleepers, though we may do something to troll you though :-p. If we are offline killed/raided we will likely rampage through our neighbors trying to identify “who done it!”, so if you notice a missing wall, and not much else, that’s likely why. We generally do not take people in, and we rarely form alliances. We are lower than we want on failians in Conan, and may look to increase that, but it won’t come easily. Tread with caution.:wink:

Running the server has taken a large bit of our time, so we (admins) are not a power house on the server. We spend most of our time online removing abandoned bases and foundations and correcting spawn issues. We are fairly transparent, however you are welcome to join our discord and ask our current player base.

As a Community: Fail Gaming is a PVP Gaming community reaching out to dominate the gaming world. FAIL was formed by a small group of people in Tampa Bay, Florida and has grown across the country over the years in a number of PVP based games. At it’s heart, FAIL is a competitive PvP powerhouse that wants to apply our unique approach of hardcore PvP to PvE and dominate both sides of the spectrum, all while maintaining if not better than ever, our goal to be a home for everyone based on what you want to offer, not what you can offer. This meaning, we don’t recruit based on skill, we recruit on the drive; the motivation to be better, and not just better, the best; and in turn, as a community we become the best. We believe strongly in results before excuses, and our all or nothing approach to everything we do. Welcome to Fail Gaming, where the greatest barrier to success, is the fear of failure.

In closing, we are also running the “Conan Admins United” Discord, all admins are welcomed to join in and discuss issues, ideas, scripts, or anything else they may be having issues with. We have many admins, many coders and many community managers available to help you. Our goal with this project was to better the admin and server base for Conan as a whole, and in turn better the community. Drop by!
Thank you for your interest in the server!